Nepathya releases 'Sirfula' at digital music stores

KATHMANDU: Nepathya, a popular folk-rock music band of Nepal, has released the third song of its 10th album, at various digital music stores.

It means the song can now be downloaded on various apps including Spotify, Itunes, AppleMusic, GooglePlay and Amazon.

Earlier, the song Sirfula siraima was released only on the radio medium.

The band had earlier released two tracks— Koshi ko Pani and Rama Rama—from the 10th album on YouTube.

Sirfula is a lyrical travelogue portraying the essence of hills and mountains of western Nepal, Nepathya's promoter Nepalaya informed in a statement today, "The traveller here is none other than, Nepathya’s front man Amrit Gurung and the story is from his travelogue of spring 2013."

Starting from Kami Danda of Falgune Lekh in Rukum, Gurung had trekked a non-regular route through Yamkhar, Maikot, Hukaam and then following the Uttar Ganga River, he traversed through Birgun, Taksera, Damchan, Dhorpatan and Jaljala and ended the trip in Beni.

While wandering through these hills, sleeping along the roadside tea shop and local shelters, Gurung started murmuring few words and the melody of Sirfula came into being.

“I was expecting to meet someone who could sing the original Sirfula melody in the villages I reached. But unfortunately, I could not come across anyone,” said the Nepathya's front man.

“But the words started popping up in my mind and the local Sirfula melody which I had heard during my childhood days started surfacing,” he revealed.