New Drew Barrymore romcom set in AP office

NEW YORK: Will it be a busy news week for Drew Barrymore? On Monday, a romantic comedy starring Barrymore as an older-than-usual newspaper intern is scheduled to arrive for several days' shooting at the New York headquarters of The Associated Press.

Barrymore and a production crew will be on hand during the week to shoot scenes for "Going the Distance." The AP's newsroom will serve as the setting for the mythical New York Sentinel, where Barrymore's character works.

Meanwhile, real-life newsgathering will continue around her as usual by the AP's editorial staff in the sprawling facility, home to the AP since 2004, which covers roughly the size of two American football fields.

Several scenes are expected to be shot for the film, which also stars Justin Long and is directed by Nanette Burstein ("American Teen" and "The Kid Stays in the Picture"). Also featured are Christina Applegate and Jason Sudeikis. The film, a New Line Cinema production, depicts Barrymore and Long as a couple struggling with their long-distance relationship.

New York's Daily News, based in the same Manhattan office building as the AP's headquarters, will also play a part in the film, appearing as a fictional rival newspaper to the Sentinel.

Payment for use of the AP newsroom will go to the AP Emergency Relief Fund, which helps AP staff and family members worldwide cope with catastrophes not covered by company benefits or insurance, according to AP spokeswoman Ellen Hale.