New talents showcase creations


The films made by the participants of the Documentary Open Skool (DOS) were screened at Yala Maya Kendra on October 27. This is the first workshop conducted by DOS, which was organised in collaboration with Harke-films, from October 15-26.

The short films, which were around seven minutes long, had different ideas presented from beggars standing up for their rights to changing their attitude once they gained strength, having a satirical stance to it. Then other issues like incest that is covered up in a family as it is against social norms and a simple issue like a foreigner searching endlessly and not finding a likeable place to stay in were highlighted.

Two very short silent movies were also screened.

As it was mainly amateurs who had participated in the workshop, the films were quite raw though the ideas were interesting enough. The films that were screened were by Arun Deo Joshi, Michael Bluett and Bikhil Sthapit.

The films which were screened were made in the last three days after different ideas had come forth after discussions. Filmmaker Kesang Tsetan had been a part of the workshops with major support provided by Rajesh Gongaju.

Kshitiz Adhiraj, co-ordinator of DOS said, “This is an open platform to promote ideas of mature and amateur filmmakers who come up with conceptual films.”

Currently, their network has around 150 people in various college chapters around Kathmandu. “The basic idea is that people from different networks can collaborate and help each other to make a film like in terms of equipment. It is a kind of support mechanism of the different chapters,” he added. — HNS