New words from Hollywood

WASHINGTON: After style and fashion statements, Hollywood has now presented folks with a new lingo! According to Teen Hollywood, the following were the special words Hollywood gave the English language: Wardrobe malfunction (Super Bowl) — From the Janet Jackson/ Justin Timberlake incident. Bootylicious (Grammys) — A woman having lot of adipose tissue in the gluteus maximus.Extreme makeover — From various makeover shows, particularly the one of that name.Gigli — Really bad.Give it up! (American Idol) — Replaces the quare “please applaud for ‘Governator — The honourable governor of “CAH-lee-FOR-nee-ah’.” Parley (Pirates of the Caribbean) — From pirates’ code of the brethren, where one cannot be harmed until one has an audience with the captain.Snap (Freaky Friday) — As in “Oh snap!,” meaning “very cool.” Smiths (‘The Matrix’ sequels) — To lack individuality, like the multiduplicated Agent Smith. Understated (Lost in Translation) — New synonym for “loser”.

The immortal words of pop star and disgraced Super Bowl costume assistant Timberlake beat out “bootylicious” and “Gigli” to top this year’s list of Hollywood contributions to the English language. The Danville, California-based group of “linguists, wordsmiths and language professors” makes its mission to track Tinseltown’s generous, and frequent, gifts to the English language.