NEW YORK: Actress Angelina Jolie is


Actress Angelina Jolie is trying to mend her image after a spate of bad press incidents. recently reported that she tried to ban the network from appearing at the premiere of her latest movie A Mighty Heart and made reporters sign contracts before speaking to her.

The contracts the journalists had to sign included conditions like not being allowed to “ask Ms Jo-lie any questions regarding her personal relationships, the interview may only be used to promote the picture... and will not be used in a manner that is disparaging, demeaning, or derogatory to Jolie.” She recently appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and denied asking journalists to sign any contracts. Speaking on the show, she said, “There was a memo that went out to ask people if they would sign it that said, ‘Don’t get into personal questions, focus on the movie,’ and things like that... It was from my representative trying to be protective... but it was excessive, and I wouldn’t have put it out there.”