Oscar winning actor Jack Nicholson says he lived “so freely” that he could be the father of more than 9,000 children.

He says, “There could be 9,000 for all I know — I used to live so freely.” The 70-year-old has been involved with several famous actresses, including Angelica Houston, and admits he has been calming down with age. He has four acknowledged children with three different women, the reports. He added, “You can’t get too wild these days but I’m as wild as you can get.” A source said, “He loves women — it’s as simple as that.” Nicholson also admits that he often cries in the presence of his children with Rebecca Broussard. He said, “Ray’s the youngest player on his varsity team, and he’s bigger than me. I cried watching my son’s first touchdown. I got tears in my eyes from laughing with joy. I look at Ray and Lorraine now, and I see grace. They both have it. I don’t think it came from me. But they’re relaxed within their own grace. I’m rich in knowing that.”