No alarms here

Whenever I get lots of homework, I ask my mother to wake me early in the morning as I cannot get up on my own. I have tried it but in vain.

She usually wakes me up, but sometimes she also forgets. Then I show my anger by crying and screaming as badly as I can.

Then I asked my father to buy me an alarm clock, which he did the very next day. I felt very happy and decided not to ask my mother to help me wake up anymore. I set the time for 6:00 and went to bed.

Next morning, the alarm went off when I was lost in a sweet dream. However, I turned it off and went back to my dreamworld. But by the time I really got up, I regretted it.

And it is the same story everytime — whenever I try to get up early, the same thing happens. I just cannot make use of an alarm clock.