No fights with Akki, says Sanju


Contrary to reports about the two stars not seeing eye to eye, Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar got along like a house on fire when they came together after 14 years to shoot the underwater thriller Blue.

“The last time Akshay and I worked together was in Amaanat in 1994. And now Blue. I can see the transformation in him from then to now. It’s been a long journey for him. And in many ways, I see a reflection of my own journey,” Sanjay said.

During the two-month-long shooting schedule in Bangkok and Phuket for Anthony D’Souza’s directorial debut, the two actors bonded big time, exchanging notes in between complicated underwater sequences.

Rubbishing reports of fights with Akshay in Bangkok, Sanjay said, “Who’s spreading these rumours? Obviously some people can’t tolerate the fact that I get along with my co-stars. They want to see me fighting with my co-stars and directors.

Sorry, I won’t oblige. Getting into fights with Akshay isn’t possible.

“I’m a guy who gets along with everybody. And anyone who knows me will vouch for this. Akshay is like a younger brother to me. He gives me so much respect it’s embarrassing to hear we’ve been fighting. And the way he has struggled from scratch to become a big star is exemplary,” Sanjay said. — HNS