No handbook for fame: JLo


Actress Jennifer Lopez said on August 1 that only time can show the path through the thicket of fame, alluding to a recent spate of young Hollywood actresses on the wrong side of the law.

“Nobody has a handbook for fame. It’s no easy thing to deal with,” Lopez said in a Beverly Hills hotel, where she and her husband, Marc Anthony, spoke to reporters about their film The Singer, a biopic about Puerto Rican salsa singer Hector Lavoe, to be released on August 3.

“You’ve got to have good people around you,” said Lopez, a New Yorker of Puerto Rican origin, who came to depend on her family in difficult times. “When I sat down for a second and ... had a mature thought about it, I realised it was my responsibility if I didn’t want it to be that way,” she said.

Lopez, 38, did not mention any of the three actresses whose drunk driving escapades have made recent headlines.

Meanwhile, husband Marc Anthony said Lopez likes to take the upper hand in their relationship.

“She’s always been the boss,” Anthony was quoted as saying by website.