No more kids for Klum

LONDON: Heidi Klum won't have any more children because four are "a lot of work".

The 36-year-old supermodel - who is expecting her fourth child together with singer husband Seal - says they will not extend their brood again because they are now "outnumbered" by their children.

She laughed: "We're outnumbered. Four is perfect. Three is a lot. But four? It's a lot of work. We're hands-on, and we feel like this is what we can handle."

The German beauty admits they feel under pressure to choose the perfect name for their unborn baby.

She said: "Because we know it's going to be our last baby, it's way harder. We've never had this back and forth before. Before it was like, 'This is the name and that's that.' We're going to wait until we see the baby and hopefully the light bulb will come on and then it'll be like, ding-ding-ding!"

The 'Project Runway' host admitted her glamorous lifestyle was pushed aside when she became a mother because her three children - daughter Leni, five, and sons Henry, three, and two-year-old Johan - have "taken over" the family home.

She explained to the USA Today newspaper: "They have taken over already. I'm not someone who is like, 'OK, this is a museum, and you can't sit here and you can't touch this and everything has to be put in its place.' They live there as much as we do.

"You come into our house, and there is a giant elephant and lion to welcome you. We have those big stuffed animals, and we have toys and things everywhere.

"Someone always has to be the captain of the ship. I'm definitely the organiser of who is doing what. What are we eating, where are we going, what's the plan for the day, making sure everything runs smoothly. I would have been a very good event planner. Or a personal assistant!"