No on-screen kissing for Priyanka

MUMBAI: When it comes to rules, Priyanka Chopra makes no exceptions, even if it is boyfriend Harman Baweja. The actress refused to kiss the newcomer in Love Story 2050 though a kiss was part of the original script.

“It doesn’t matter who the co-star. I won’t do certain things on screen,” Priyanka said.

When asked about the kiss, Harman said, “It’s true. Both dad and I felt a kiss would have been most appropriate midway through the narration when the first Priyanka character dies in my arms. Dad had written a kiss into the story here. I was supposed to kiss her as she dies in my arms. But Priyanka chose not to shoot the kiss. We respected her decision and let it be.”

But why is Priyanka reluctant to express love in a natural way with a kiss, especially when the co-star is Harman? “That’s exactly why she didn’t do the kiss. She couldn’t make a concession with me because then other filmmakers would’ve accused her of preferential treatment. So we simply scrapped the smooch.”

Priyanka, incidentally, had done a kiss in her first film Andaaz. “But that’s when she was new and had no choice. Now on principle she won’t kiss on screen. I respected her decision,” Harman said.