No problem? How boring!

A problem no longer remains a problem if one has a positive attitude towards it. Then it becomes much easier to handle. But if taken in a negative way a thing gets complicated. We have to learn to have faith in God. If you know how to face a problem in a positive way, I bet that you can lead your life well.

Problems don’t get solved on their own. One needs to sort it out, reason it before banging the door or crying to create even more problems. If you cry, will your problem be solved? Rather, you will lose your energy. All you need to do is to pray to God and have faith in Him. God always helps those who help themselves. You cannot expect God to come and do everything for you.

Many people do not have the courage to face a problem in a right way and, as a result, they end up doing something extremely dreadful. We must help people who are depressed and bring them to the right path. We have to mend their ways. If you are able to brighten a person’s day then it means a lot to them. A smile costs nothing. So share your happiness and multiply it.

This reminds me of a beautiful story which I would like to share with you. Children below 10 who had AIDS were called to enjoy their last moments and, when they came, they were told to paint something they liked. Everyone painted with bright colours except a boy. He was found painting a broken heart using dull colours. A volunteer walking by asked him the reason. He explained his life was going to end and was as dull as the picture. He further added that no one could give him a new life. This struck the volunteer. He then shared a few jokes and other positive stories to cheer the boy up. Soon the boy started laughing and both of them felt much better. That is exactly what we should also do! First of all, we should have faith in God and then have courage to face the problems. Don’t you think a life without problems is so boring? So let’s learn to face them in a positive way.

— Sabita , Grade VII, Rato Bangla School