No Sibling Rivalry For The Osbourne Kids

LONDON: Sharon Osbourne is relieved her eldest daughter AIMEE has no interest in pursuing fame - because it would have put her in direct competition with sister KELLY

Jack and Kelly, Sharon's children with former Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne, shot to fame as teenagers in the hit reality series The Osbournes - but their sibling Aimee opted out of filming.

And the rock matriarch is grateful the 26 year old has never been interested in the spotlight, because she fears it would have sparked a bitter sibling rivalry.

She tells Britain's Hello magazine, "I'm lucky they've turned out the way they have, because it would have been a horrible situation otherwise. Aimee has never wanted to be a celebrity, it's not in her, so she isn't competing with Kelly on that level. They respect each other's achievements in their own fields. I don't care how much people claim otherwise, showbiz families have to feel resentment on some level when one sibling achieves greater success than the other."