Norway’s ‘quite different’ melodies

I combine my piano playing with live sampling/electronics through my computer, which means I process the piano sound and make different ‘layers


A keyboard-player and a classically trained piano-player with a background from varied musical landscapes such as improvisation, electronica, pop, cross-over, folk and jazz, Norwegian Kjetil Huseboe is all excited to perform for the first time at the Surya Nepal Jazzmandu 2015. In an email interview with The Himalayan Times, Huseboe shares about the kind of music he will put forth in this jazz fest and his expectations.

Are you excited to come to Nepal and perform here in Jazzmandu?

I’m really excited about performing in Jazzmandu 2015 and I’m really looking forward to play for and meet the Nepali crowd. My music and playing approach — combining piano with computer/live sampling/electronics — is perhaps quite different from what the Nepali audience normally experience at a jazz festival, so I’m also excited how my music, style and approach will be received by the Nepali audience. And of course, I’m very excited about visiting Nepal for the first time, it’s so much new to see and experience!

How have you envisioned your visit to Nepal?

Well, it’s a long distance from Oslo to Kathmandu, so for me it’s going to be a completely new and unique experience — both performing and travelling from Norway to Nepal for the first time. Of course, I know about the earthquake earlier this year, so this is also an important dimension, or background to have when visiting Nepal.

What will you offer to the Jazzmandu audience? And what are your expectations from the festival?

My solo concerts normally have improvised music/material, but sometimes also some written/composed material/melodies. As mentioned earlier, I combine my piano playing with live sampling/electronics through my computer, which means I process the piano sound and make different ‘layers’. I hope to meet a lot of new people, hear

and experience new artistes/music, and have a nice time both playing and listening to other artistes at

the festival.

What will you perform at Jazzmandu?

Probably some completely improvised tracks — let’s see what happens — and probably some of my tracks/melodies from my albums. I always try to be inspired by the mood and let this affect the musical direction in some way, so playing improvised music and concerts is always something that’s open and I don’t have a regular ‘set list’. The music will probably be a mix of jazz, contemporary and experimental music, maybe some folk/world music inspired melodies — let’s see what happens!

Your thoughts on Jazzmandu

I enjoy that Jazzmandu is quite international and has very different artistes and that the festival is located in different places in the City. I saw the video A Glimpse of Jazzmandu 2014 and I’m really looking forward to be a part of this festival this year!

What are your plans in Nepal other than Jazzmandu?

I’m probably going to Pokhara or visit around Kathmandu Valley. I heard about the current fuel crisis in Nepal, so let’s see what’s possible regarding travelling in Nepal. I will stay in Nepal for about 10 days.

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