Kathmandu After being disappointed with Nikhil Advani for Hero, Katti Batti too fails to attract the attention because of its slow paced narration and storyline. The movie will bore you despite last few scenes where the eyes moisten. There is nothing new in the movie — neither story nor acting. The beginning of the movie is narrated by Madhav Kabra (Imran Khan) aka Maddy’s point of view. Footage technique has been used to narrate that Maddy is in live-in relationship with Payal (Kangana Ranaut). These footages are lengthy for no reason. Forced comic scenes try to entertain, but don’t. So, the story is Maddy’s love at first sight. He seeks eternal love from Payal but she is flirtatious and is looking for a time pass. And a day comes when she leaves him. The movie then turns out to be a journey of Maddy’s search for Payal’s whereabouts. To find out what happens next is up to you. After watching Khan on the screen after a huge gap there is nothing new to watch except his nerdy glasses. His role as a lover is nonetheless different than in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. He is a young guy falling in love with a girl. He anyhow wants to win his beloved’s heart and succeeds in doing so but his role would have been much powerful if a little effort had been done in the story. Screen presence of Ranaut is limited, which again is disappointing, but she does good whatever is offered to her. It would have been better if she was given more screen space as the director would have been able to bring the best  from the actress applauded for her roles in Queen and Tanu  Weds Manu Returns. Yet she stands tall in her presentation. The director has paid attention to minute details such as an interior decoration of the rooms, dresses et cetera but has failed to bring out the best from the actors who would have done much better. And the comic scenes cannot be missed to be mentioned — for they torture the viewers. Farting, face painting, silly fights have been over-used and it needs to stop, it does not entertain anyone. And the make-up department has to be appreciated for Ranaut’s look with hair-fall, sunken eyes, aching body et cetera. As far as songs are concerned, one is catchy — Lip to Lip. All in all there is nothing that makes the movie worth a watch. It is a spoiled masala movie. Katti Batti     Genre: Romantic comedy Director: Nikhil Advani Cast: Imran Khan, Kangana Ranaut, Vivan Bhatena, Manasvi Mamgai Being screened at QFX Cinemas