Old designs, contemporary feel


Regenerating the old designs, bringing the traditional concepts of artwork to new use — this is what the organisers of the exhibition called ‘Transformations’ at Imago Dei Gallery Café are trying to achieve. Organised jointly by Red Buddha Folk Art, Maggie Shah, Mike Krajniak and Jeevan Shilpakar, the exhibition, which started on May 9, has beautiful contemporary items like doors, windows, pillars, cabinets, panels and other accessories for home décor.

From boxes of different sizes with glimpses of traditional Nepali and oriental designs to pillars with traditional woodcraft and architectural details, hand crafted fibre weave products like lamps and seaters all have one theme running through — the richness of Nepali art craft and


Artist Mike Krajnaik, whose paintings were also exhibited said, “We are trying to bring out the old

style into the modern houses. Further, these products are portable and environment friendly.”

Different places that are promoting the art and craft of Nepal have contributed their products in this exhibition. While furniture and artefact are from Red Buddha Folk Art, the potteries are from Mahaguthi. Similarly Newa Art Ceramics has displayed their ceramics and Nepal Knot Craft Centre have made their presence felt with their fibre weave products.

Nepal is already famous worldwide for its art and craft but with this exhibition the organisers want to put forward a new aspect of this country.

“People already know that they can buy traditional stuff here, but now with these products they are also able to get fresh new products but with same time-honoured designs. We want to promote that you can also buy contemporary products in Nepal,” explained Krajnaik.

Since artisans of the original craft works are also involved in making these products, this venture is also being seen as a way to expand the market and opportunity of these art and people.

The exhibition-cum-sale is on till May 24. — HNS