On air: Dy Speaker Yadav


A special recording session for Katha Mitho Sarangiko with Chitra Lekha Yadav, Deputy Speaker of the Interim Parliament, was conducted on May 11. The programme is a part of BBC World Service Trust, Nepal and is being done with UNDP.

“This time we were looking for a woman icon from Madhes group and so we appro-ached Yadav as we felt it would be very effective.She readily agreed to our request,” said Deepak Rauniyar, Producer, Script Writer.

The recordings for a couple of episodes were done with Yadav. The issues covered included Peace building and Constitution drafting process, Tarai violence and measures to be taken to control it, early marriage and dowry issues in Tarai, girls education and a few other subjects.

“This is an initiative taken by the youth and they are spreading a good message, so I felt that I should support it,” said Yadav.

Though it is the first time Yadav has taken part in such a programme she said, “As it was not directed in a specific format and I could use my own dialect, it was quite easy and I enjoyed it.”

The episodes with Yadav will be aired from June 6 (Friday, Saturday) at 9.15 am on BBC Nepal Service and 50 other FM stations. — HNS