On the job: No more getting bored at work

There are very few people who enjoy their work, most people — especially with desk job — get bored doing the same work everyday. This might lead to disinterest which will consequently affect your performance. Here are three tips which can be helpful in beating the boredom at work.

• Focus on the people affected by a task rather than on the task itself. For example, accounting work would be considered boring by some. But the work that an accountant does helps the client achieve goals that enhance many lives.

• View the mundane tasks that make the job seem boring as steps in the solution of a puzzle. Writing and organising hundreds of tax tips for inclusion in a database might seem boring. But the ultimate goal is to create a learning resource of great power. The worker should aim to view himself or herself as an adventurer required to engage in boring tasks like cutting through brush to attain the exciting purpose of discovering a new world (the world in which the new tax-tips learning resource is available to serve those in need of the information provided in it).

• Engage in enough exciting tasks in your non-work hours so that you feel that your life is not in an overall sense boring. If you go home from a boring job to watch television every night, life itself will come to seem boring to you over time. If you go home to prepare for running a marathon or for the next meeting of your book or investing club, you may come to appreciate the boring nature of the work you do as a chance not to need to become so emotionally involved for a few hours of days that are part of a life that in an overall sense is not boring at all.