Oprah sued for ‘false’ arrest

NEW YORK: Oprah Winfrey is being sued by Keifer Bonvillain for $180 million claiming she made false statements that led to his arrest.

According to tmz.com, Bonvillain was arrested in 2006 for allegedly recording telephone conversations with an employee of Winfrey’s production company and selling them to publishers. The case against Bonvillain was dismissed after he performed 50 hours of community service, was tested and paid back $3,000 he took from a company that agreed to buy the tapes.

Bonvillain is now suing Winfrey and the attorney for making false statements that led to his arrest. His lawyer said, “The whole incident started when Keifer wiretapped one of Harpo’s California employees. We advised him this wiretap was illegal, and now we’ll get the chance to determine wheth-er we were right or not.”