Oscar-winner Freeman hurt in car crash


Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman, who broke his arm and shoulder in a car accident in northern Mississippi on August 4, was in good spirits and confident of making a full recovery, his spokesman said.

“He has a broken arm, broken elbow and minor shoulder damage, but he is in good spirits,” spokeswoman Donna Lee told People magazine.

“He is going to have surgery this afternoon or tomorrow to correct the damage. He says he’ll be okay and is looking forward to a full recovery.”

The statement resolved uncertainty over the condition of the 71-year-old actor, after a hospital representative initially said he was in serious condition following the crash on the night of August 3 near the ranch, where Freeman lives with his wife.

“All I can say is one word: His condition is ‘serious’,” Kathy Stringer, a spokeswoman for the Regional Medical Centre in Memphis, Tennessee, had told People.

The actor, who is currently appearing in the hit movie The Dark Knight, was airlifted from the scene of the crash to the hospital after the car he was driving rolled over several times and landed in a ditch.

Freeman was driving a Nissan that belonged to a woman named Demaris Meyer, who was also injured in the crash. No other vehicles were involved in the incident.

The police ruled out that alcohol or drugs played a role and were investigating whether Freeman fell asleep at the wheel. — DPA