Owen Campbell, Australia

Yet another Blues maker from Down Under, Owen Campbell was 10 when he first learnt to play the guitar. It’s been 14 years, and he has not looked back. His father used to play the guitar and that influenced him a lot. He still remembers that when he was just four he played his blow-up balloon guitar and use to jump on the couch.

“I took couple of years training but nothing formal as such. But after my parents divorced, I turned to music and got into it deeply as I could express myself the best through it,” admits Owen.

So what is Blues for him? “To be honest I don’t know. I just relate to it and I find it very emotional. Music played from the heart hits you the most,” he explains.

He usually gets inspiration from people and life itself, and he loves to travel alone which too helps him creatively. “I am in love with Nepali music and would love to record my next album here,” he says.