Paleti with Prakash Gurung


Renowned musician and singer Prakash Gurung will be performing at this episode of the Paleti Shrinkhala series on October 27 and 28, states a nepalaya press release.

Gurung is a popular figure in the Nepali music world and has been active contributor to the sector for the last three decades.

Music is in his blood — Hariman Gurung, a skilful musician in Darjeeling in the late 1950s, was Prakash Gurung’s father, and as such Gurung was raised in the company of renowned musicians like Amber Gurung, Sharan Pradhan, Karma and Gopal Yonzon.

After coming to Kathmandu, Gurung harnessed his music skills through Guru Rangarao Kadambari. Gurung has given music to suit the voices of many singers and can play different musical instruments. Sun chandi bhanda, Joban yasai bitisakyo, Ma samjhanthe, Dherai najik, Sadak jindagi ho, Bola bola are among the many popular songs that he set music to.

This Paleti will be Gurung’s first ever solo performance.