Papa not happy with Miley’s boyfriend

LONDON: Teen actress Miley Cyrus’ father Billy Ray is not happy with her closeness with 20-year-old model Justin Gaston and has given her a lecture about the birds and the bees and also told her to focus on her career not her older boyfriend.

The Hannah Montana actress will turn 16 next month and her father says she should watch her steps as far as boys are concerned, reports. A close family friend said Billy Ray told him, “We brought Miley up with good morals and strong religion, but she’s at that age where she is bound to be experimenting and her hormones are going nuts. Miley’s career is just rolling along now and getting bigger and bigger. Everyone loves her and she has a shot to have a career like Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston or someone like that.

“I told her in no uncertain terms that her career would be over if something stupid were to happen and she would no longer be a role model for young girls, something she takes very seriously. I think I made an impression on her; at least I hope so. I don’t want to forbid her from dating because that would just make her sneak around. I’d rather have everything up front and out in the open. Miley is a really good kid, but she has to watch her step as far as boys are concerned.”