Parents’ Day at Sneha English School

Himalayan News Service


Presenting a variety of talents to parents and highlighting the achievements made by the students in studies and other extracurricular activities throughout the year is what celebrating the parent’s day is about. These were the views expressed by the family of Sneha English School, Sinamangal, Kathmandu, who were celebrating ‘Parents’ Day-2061’ on April 2, under the chairmanship of Pawan Kumar Karna and Jeevan Babu Shrestha, founders of the school.

Narayan Das, Principal of the school, believes that “activities like this means an encouragement to the students in studies as well as other additional things. To be able to speak from a stage is challenging even to us and we can see these little tiny tots announcing, performing and giving speech on the stage so confidently”. Pawan Kumar Karna, founder of the school said, “proper education of students is possible only through the combined efforts of the school, the parents and the students themselves. So an occasion like this brings coordination among all these three concerned people”. The programme included dance, fashion show, drama, poem recitation, song, and funny news. Prizes were distributed to students. The School also honoured social worker Ram Prasad Lamichhane for his diverse contributions in that area.