Parikrama rocks Capital


The Jawalakhel ground was filled with rock fans waiting eagerly for the show to start. Their enthusiasm was obvious as most of them entered the venue way before the concert started. It was not just the rock fans who were enticed by the energy and exhilaration at the venue, most of the locals and young boys stuck their heads through the gaps in the fence at the venue. Some got on top of the roofs of their homes to see what was going on and some street kids even jumped over the fence.

Getting through the tight security, fighting with many who thought getting into the line nonchalantly was cool, and finding the right spot to watch the show, everyone got ready to enjoy the mega rock extravaganza.

The afternoon of November 8 was one of a kind experience for all rock fans. Indian rock band Parikrama gave a rocking performance enthralling all during the Pulsar Rock Mania. Opening performance was by the well known local band Mt 8848 to warm up the audience and give them a dose of Nepali rock songs. The crowd scattered as groups on the ground

sang along with the band and some even jumped around listening to their original numbers like Maski maski, 21 barsa, Mangale and Satthi.

Soon the band left the stage welcoming Parikrama, best known for their contribution to the Indian rock scene and earning world recognition by performing with various international legendary bands and also being first Indian rock band to perform at the Download Festival 2007.

As soon as the band came up on stage, the dispersed crowd gathered in front of the stage, screaming for the performance to begin. Not letting the crowd down, Parikrama began their show. Vocalist and frontman Nitin Malik urged the people standing at the back to come forward. Winning loud applauds for their opening number, their next was a tribute to the guitar legend Jimi Hendrix and played his all time hit Purple Haze which was followed by another crowd favourite Fear by Iron Maiden and later performed yet another cover song Sweet child of mine.

The stage decoration was par excellent and the white drapes on the background allowed the laser lights to do their psychedelic dance.

Organisers seem to have paid attention to the presentation as they had made the effort to make the lighting of the stage of international standard. The band was

not only successful in capturing audience attention with cover versions but also with their original numbers which was highly appreciated and cheered.

Their numbers Volatile and But it rained had wonderful sound of violin and tabala giving different flavours of rock. Songs based on Lord of the Ring series; Tears of the wizard and Am I dreaming were equally rocking.

The band also urged the crowd to save the planet and performed an instrumental number Open sky on deforestation.

The crowd was not tired of all the head banging and screaming as they continued to jump and enjoy the show as the darkness crept in. Watching all the enthusiasm both on the stage and among the crowd, it sure was a rocking show.

The event was presented by Lotus Entertainment with Annapurna Post as the official print media.