Every 12 months, as the New-Year rolls around, we all brag about our New Year’s Resolutions. We announce that we’re going to lose weight, stop drinking and smoking so much, as well as spend more time with our family...

Mostly our vision extends no further than our own noses. To add insult to injury, we don’t follow through on our “Me Orientated” resolutions. In a matter of months, and sometimes even weeks, we forgot all about our “new improved” character, which results in feelings of frustration and failure.

Most ‘experts’ tell us not to elevate our expectations too high. On the other hand, perhaps we fail because we don’t set out goals high enough.

What if we looked outward instead of inward when making our declarations? Would we then be able to complete a year feeling satisfied?

I’d like to suggest one resolution that might last a year, or, maybe even, a lifetime. A resolution that makes you feel good about yourself whilst simultaneously including others.

It’s not my idea so I don’t want to take any credit for it. In fact, the idea originated from a movie called Pay It Forward.

The idea is simple.

You do something good for other people.

These people cannot ‘repay’ you...

They are encouraged to pay-it-forward.

In turn, doing something good for someone else. And so on.

The mathematics is simple. If I’ll do something constructive for three people and these three people in turn do something for three other people (each) — we have already impacted nine people in total. These nine people will make a difference in 27 people’s life, which in their turn will touch 81 people’s hearts...

See how fast it grows?

Until today, this simple mathematical principle was abused through multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes. This year, you can use the same principle to make the world a better place. Of course, there will be those people that break the chain. However, others still, will reach out and touch more people than you could possibly imagine.

Just open your heart and give.

Trust in the goodness of man and allow yourself to be overwhelmed.

There are many ways to touch people’s heart.

An action, a hug, a word, a smile.

Make it your resolution this year, and remember:

It takes One Nation to make a difference in this World.

It takes One Community to make a difference in this Nation.

It takes One Family to make a difference in this Community.

It takes One Person to make a difference in this Family.

You are the One!

Go ahead and make someone’s day. See how it makes You feel. Then when they smile back and thank you, ask them to pass it forward.