Passion and dedication

What’s your aim in life? What do you want to be when you grow up? This is undoubtedly a most familiar question to all of us. We have answered this question many times before. Every person on this earth has a passion. An aimless man is worthless to this world, to his country and to his family. All of us must understand the value and contribution of our lives. No one should take life for granted and squander it. The best way to utilize our life is by having a passion.

Passion is the fuel of life. People run their lives solely on the basis of their passion. Their motto is: aim for it, go for it and get it. Passion is what makes the world go around. If everyone were aimless then the whole world would be idle. If you aspire to the distant stars then at least you will hit the nearer ones. Always aim to be the best; it is not worth it to wish to be merely good.

Having a dazzling passion is not enough; we must also have dedication in an equal proportion. Many people fail to get what they want because they are not truly dedicated to it. People who succeed in life devote their heart and soul to their dreams. So, what’s the key to triumph? Passion and dedication. They are linked together as an integral part of success. One is useless without the other. We must be passionately dedicated, and dedicated to our passion. —Vipul Kabra, Grade XI, Whitehouse Intl College