Peaceful world of dragons

I was asleep when suddenly I heard a strange sound. I got up and went down the steps and the sound got louder and louder. I took my toy gun loaded with plastic bullets as I rode my mountain bike. Soon I found out that the strange sound was coming from the so-called haunted park. Gathering my courage, I went inside the park where I saw a world of dragons.

For a while I was scared that the dragons would eat me up. I wanted to run away, but I was also curious to know about the dragons and this new world. As I moved forward gingerly, the dragons welcomed me warmly and soon we were friends.

I played with them for a long time. The world inside was very peaceful. The dragons were very happy and enjoying themselves. I also enjoyed myself with them.

Then I thought of my mother and realised that she would be worried as I had been gone out for a long time. With pain in my heart I had to leave my dear friends.

Then I thought that if I told about this dragon park in the world outside, I’d be famous. And I could also prove that the park was not haunted, but a world of peace. But I thought about what would happen to this park if cruel people got to know about it. They might trouble my dragon friends.

Although I have shared my of tale dragon adventure with many people, the park’s location is my top secret. I will never tell it to anyone so that no one harms my dragon friends.