Penelope cruz sparks gay director’s desire

LONDON: Penelope Cruz caused "sexual desire" in the gay director of 'Broken Embraces'.

Pedro Almodovar admitted that despite his sexuality he was intensely attracted to his muse, Penelope, when making his latest film – a concept he included in the plot.

He said: "Out of all the actresses I have worked with, Penelope really has been the one who has caused a sense of desire in me beyond the sensuality of a film shoot.

"Normally, as a director, you engage with your leading lady on an extremely emotional level, and there is everything but sex.

"But it is true that with Penelope it is different. She has caused me sexual desire."

Meanwhile it has been speculated this week the Spanish actress and her boyfriend, Javier Bardem, may be pregnant with their first child.

A source said: "Penelope is about four months pregnant. She's really healthy now and will be a great mother."

Penelope, 35, is on a promotional tour for 'Broken Embraces', and when she attended the UK premiere in London she wore a red Bottega Veneta trouser suit, which was sourced for her at the last minute.

At the time it was reported her luggage went missing on the flight to the UK capital from Madrid, but speculation spread that she wore the high-waisted outfit to disguise her fledgling baby bump.