People speak : Animal traits and us

If I could then I’d wish I were a bird. For me birds are a symbol of peace, harmony and independence. No borders or religions bind them. They know and value teamwork for their existence. Birds are faithful to their partners. I am influenced by the way birds live and somehow I feel they are similar to me. Sometimes I even get jealous of their life.

— Rupesh Karkee, Itahari

The dog is my favourite animal and I feel my behaviour and the way I work are similar to the ways of a dog. Dogs are very loyal to their owners. As I take my parents to be my owners, I am very loyal to them. A dog’s main work is to guard the master’s house. I also do that — whenever my parents go out, I stay home to guard the house.

— Kumar Chhantyal, Pokhara

I have always liked horses since my younger days. The horse is a faithful animal and serves its master well. In the same way, I’m also faithful and loyal to my

parents, teachers and my country. A horse does not like staying in one place for a long time. I too don’t like staying in one place for a long time. I crave change in my life and and try to adjust accordingly.

— Dev Raj Adhikari

My favourite animal would certainly be the pig because a pig’s heart can be transplanted in a human being.

— Pratap Rai

The great Hindu scholar Chanakya has said that a student should build his concentration like a hawk, pay attention like a crow, leave his house after adolescence like a lion, sleep like a dog and have balanced diet. As a student I have always tried to follow Chanakya’s words and imbibe the characteristics of these animals.

— Sanjay D Sharma

Cow are selfless, and so am I.

Cows suffer every moment of their life from cradle to grave without any complaint. A calf is born not to enjoy herself but to serve others. A baby cow sacrifices her mother’s milk for others, and as an adult cow she provides her milk. Even after death, is useful to human being

for her leather.

My aim in life is to serve my nation selflessly even at the cost of my own life just like cows serve others. I obviously see many traits that I regard highly reflected in a cow’s life.

— Ran B Bhattarai

If had to pick an animal that reflects me, I’d pick a dog because I own one and it is as jumbled a character as me.

— Indramaya Gurung

Lions would be my choice because they have dignity and are majestic like no other animal They possess deep concentration abilities and a strong physique. I share similar characteristics with the king of the beasts — I never let go of my principles nor do I compromise come what may.

— Nawang Sherpa

I love dogs for their loyalty and friendliness. I love it when my dog wags its tail when I reach home in a bad mood. It knows and sits with me, respecting my silence. I love it when we play together. The biggest similarity is that we both never change.

— Rosina Shrestha

Birds are free and can fly wherever and whenever they want to, and so am I. There’s no one to guide me, and no one dares to interfere in my work even if I am doing the wrong thing. So I am as free as a bird.

— Prayas ‘Mr Lonely’

I like deer very much because they are elegant, innocent-looking and charming. Deers are calm and cool by nature therefore are less violent, less aggressive in comparision to other animals. The animal also reflects my vegetarian nature.

— Ambika Pandey, Chitawan

I pick the elephant as it is considered auspicious and is very humble. This giant animal has several virtues but I appreciate the way it walks. Another important thing to note about elephant is despite being huge and mighty animal it is herbivorous and does not harm human

beings unless it senses real danger. Elephants are shy in nature and this very nature of this animal reflects mine.

— Eklaxmi Nepal

My favourite animal is the cat because it makes a lousy pet but is the most sensitive animals, which is just like me.

— Samina Gurung