People Speak : For all bookworms: Reading’s cool and useful

We are just pretending to read.

— Dharma Raj Prajuli

What makes people start reading books may differ. It can either be a genuine interest or just to be a part of the crowd, but once we start reading, sooner or later, we find books that fascinate us and authors who interest us. Afterwards, a true interest in books emerges from the idea of not being left out in conversation. People who get engrossed in books are driven by their interest. So every individual can become a sincere reader if s/he finds books of his/her interest.

— Rashmi Giri,

New Baneshwor

First of all, I think the interest in books had never disappeared. It might have been overshadowed due to other stuff like television, computer, Internet. In the 21st century, when we have access to electronic media, one would rather find it slow and tiring to read books to find information or even entertainment. But reading has an important role in every field of work, so one should not neglect it totally. Books can be a matter of conversation between friends and in parties as well. I think reading can be taken as a good hobby.

— Abijit Sharma,

Dhapasi, Kathmandu

Reading is vital to success in life. Helping your child cultivate a love of reading is one of the most important ways a parent can assure that success. Reading is the quickest, most flexible way of acquiring knowledge on our own. And, as everyone knows, knowledge is power. Impressionable minds can be nurtured and moulded in ways more than one. But books and the printed word are among the best tools used for reaching out. Despite the deep penetrating reach of the visual media, books have a definite edge over other mediums of communication and entertainment. So take reading as a true interest. Don’t be the football of other people’s opinion by just standing in the crowd.

— Nitu Kedia

Let’s be optimistic. I think that our youngsters are really interested in reading books. And this is also a sign of development.

— Sakar Subedi

Some people have a hobby of reading. They read books, newspapers, magazines to get knowledge. It is not possible to purchase all the books, which they desire to read so they borrow it from libraries or friends. But there are some people who have no interest in reading, but want to be a part of the crowd so they purchase books, magazines or become members in libraries. People with true interest in reading invest more money in purchasing books, magazines or newspaper than other things. Thus they give first priority to reading.

— Rinkey Mallik, Jawalakhel

First of all, I’m not a library goer but I’ve witnessed some of my friends, who go to library for fun and to get the the tag of a bookworm. I think, we are in the initial phase of library culture. Going to library is a good habit, but if it’s not done in a serious manner, then there is no use to it. Getting into any conversation at cocktail parties or in any other social events is not an achievement. The knowledge we get, the imaginations we explore, the idea we discover are the solid achievement of reading books.

— Mingma Sherpa

Interest in books and reading is the sign of improvement in the sentiments of people. Many libraries have opened with varieties of books. The type of books one reads differs from person to person. Though reading has come in fashion, reading books just for the sake of getting into conversations at cocktail parties is useless. For example, if anyone reads one or two books for those conversations, then s/he cannot continue it for long and ultimately s/he has to give it up.

— Anup Adhikari,

Srijanachowk, Pokhara

Reading books has become more of a way of surviving in this competitive world than a fashion. It is quite evident that reading clubs, libraries have become a regular hangout place not only for adults but for teenagers as well. It is no more about being a bookworm; today reading signifies your persona. If reading books has become an issue or a subject to talk about, it signifies people’s take on it as a serious matter. Today general knowledge has become so vital and any extra knowledge will always distinguish you from the rest. People have widened their vision of thought and their quest for wisdom has made them friendlier towards books.

— Nishant Shandilya, Baluwatar 

The habit of reading books as well as setting up of libraries with modern books along with other informative and learning facilities are emerging extensively in the world. Moreover, in this modern age where the literacy rate of the people is increasing day by day, the world itself is becoming a global village; book reading in my view is developing within the people as a hobby or interest. In this cutthroat competitive age, to become successful in life, one will always have to be up to date and that may not be possible without gathering knowledge and information from books/libraries. Therefore, today’s book readings and visiting libraries of the people can be justified as a hobby/ interest rather than show business or just for conversations at parties.

— Pranav Dhakal,


Are books the only issue that hovers around in cocktail parties or conversations? No, I don’t think so. With the future of our country looking so bleak, I think people do not generally talk about books. There are so many other things that people could talk about. People visit libraries, spend a lot of money in buying volumes of books; have they gone crazy? No, absolutely not. People are aware of the importance of learning, they want to read more, and they want to learn more. Those who are in the habit of reading should encourage other people by recommending good books. So, it is completely wrong to think that many of us are joining libraries and buying books just to be one of the “in-crowd” and not to be left out in conversations at cocktail parties. In fact they need to be applauded for the effort they are putting in to gain knowledge and learn the ways of improving the living standard and call themselves literate ones rather than live their lives in a state of ‘ignorantia’.

— Norbu Moktan

Speaking honestly, we’d love to be seen in the so-called intellectual crowd. Certainly reading habit is pretty good, but how many of us could continue that? I’ve personally visited many book houses; they are not friendly to local people though they are charming with foreigners. Obviously, I feel that we are second-class citizen. A large number of foreign books are not affordable according to our income. I’d rather prefer to go to premises of Nepal Airlines and get some of those second-hand books. Those booksellers don’t invite famous writers for autograph campaign, but they mean a lot to me.

— Krishna Thapa

In the 21st century, we are so engaged with gadgets and gizmos that we can hardly take out time for books. If we get time, I think we prefer reading newspapers or magazines as it is much easier and less time consuming. Even in reading clubs, I have seen people reading only thin books. I think people hardly talk about books in cocktail parties, so there’s no fear of being left out.

— Sumnima Khatri

I don’t think most people have developed the habit of reading for an ostentatious reason. These days, people have realised the importance and benefits of reading books. Reading books not only broadens our wisdom but also makes the best use of our spare time. People who are used to reading books have potent logic and are quick-witted. Realising these facts, people are familiarising themselves with books. Some people also read newspapers, magazines to utilise their free time.

— Dev Raj Adhikary, Nepaltar

True readers never lost their interest in books and reading, so we can’t say it is re-emerging. Looking at the increasing crowds in libraries and reading clubs or even in book fairs, I feel there aren’t many people with genuine interest in books. Though these libraries and reading clubs give the right place for true readers, for most of the people it has also become a place to catch up with friends. I have also witnessed many people involved in table talk on other subjects besides the books. Nevertheless these places and exhibitions have made people conscious about reading and the kinds of reading materials that are available. However, it has also become more of a fashion. I am afraid that people who take this as a trendy thing might overshadow true readers and the true essence of reading.

— Sudeep Pd Gautam

I do not agree that anyone would read to just make others feel that you are reading. If one does, then s/he isn’t reading truly because unless you are actually reading you can’t continue with it. It is true however that our reading makes it easy for us to mingle in any crowd in any social gathering. I read to gain knowledge and that helps me present myself in society.

— Surya

I consider reading as a true personal interest. Today’s new generation is very much conscious regarding their speech and English speaking, so they establish a reading habit in order to develop their spoken English. Similarly today’s teenagers are much influenced by the Western culture. Due to all these reasons people are reading different books. In my view, people read because of their true interest. Reading, if started, can be considered the best way to spend leisure time.

— Suman Rimal,


Books are good friends with a productive output. According to my view and experience, I think we are really taking reading as a true interest. Books are good way to pass time. They make you more literate and in another sense they also widen your knowledge.

— Bimesha

Books and reading are both precious terms for students like us. These are the valuables, which shape our future, career and mental development. I don’t think we are witnessing a re-emergence of interest in books and reading, but in fact we might be accelerating our previous interests. Of course, in order to boost our interests in reading, libraries might have promoted reading. I don’t think that to be just one of the in-crowd and not to be left out in conversations at cocktail parties, someone chooses to read books. It is hard to believe that the person with that sort of intention survives in such clubs even for a minute. Interests in books and reading come through our inner desire.

— Saroj Sapkota, Syangja

I think we are really taking reading as a hobby similar to our interest in daily soaps by Ekta Kapoor so that we will not be left out of conversations during parties. We can see people even hate reading course book, so forget about reading something extra with interest. They just do it to discuss the characters of the story as they do with the daily soaps.

— Aneesha Bhattarai

Books are a vast ocean of knowledge. Though in this modern age, a wide range of information source has developed be it websites or TV, the importance of books has not lessened. Many of us visit book fairs with genuine interest though the number of students who just roam for fun is still there.

— Arpana Paudel,


No doubt every human perception is different from other. Some might be taking reading as a true interest, whereas some do it just to be one of the crowd. In my view, we need to develop and concentrate reading habit as a serious interest rather than just doing it for being a part of the crowd.

— Shreelaxmi Karma


Even if one reads to be one of the in-crowd or to remain in conversation at cocktail parties, it is a positive sign. We know that if one pretends anything 100 times, s/he will really do that ultimately. So pretending to prove s/he is studious among colleagues will make them real readers. Teenagers seem to be going libraries for dates, which is the easiest way to cheat parents. Books, really, are the source of knowledge and reading entertains and enlightens us and leads us to the summit of success.

— Bishnu Prasad

Dahal, Makawanpur