Capital punishment is justifiable for murderers of ages above 16 years. The government should strictly enforce a law regarding this. Killing innocent civilians, one shouldn’t have a chance for life in prison or parole. They should be given death penalty as it can prompt the slayers to think twice before taking another person’s life. If our country were also to give death penalty for each and every murder, the crime rate would decrease drastically. It is a necessary evil.

— Sumnima Khatri

Capital punishment is a righteous punishment meted out by the government to maintain peace, law and order in the state. It dissuades criminals from committing criminal activities. Bribery, corruption, crime will increase in society if we stop rewarding people doing good deeds and punishing criminals.

— Birendra Kanu

In my opinion capital punishment is justifiable in certain cases. If there’s no such punishment, criminals will only be more encouraged to perpetrate more crimes. However, considering the enormity of the crime, it’s advisable to give the criminal a chance rather than kill him.

— John Khadka

Capital punishment is 100 per cent justifiable as long as it is deservedly given on the basis and nature of the crime. One has to be punished for his heinous crimes against humanity. Crimes cannot be stopped fully but through severe punishments it can be minimised.

— Sonal Sharma

No punishment is more barbaric than death penalty itself. Human rights organisations argue that capital punishment takes away a person’s right to live. But the person who is sentenced to death is the person who has committed a similar crime. Thus, death penalty for such criminal is quite justifiable.

— Ambika Pandey

I feel that Capital punishment is not and should not be justifiable until it guarantees that such a punishment will deter crime. Mere killing of a criminal or a convicted person does not facilitate in maintaining the law and order of the state. It also does not guarantee the non-repetition of similar crimes by other criminals. If there is a threat of the convicted of finding their way out to offend again, life imprisonment, for instance, may be more apt than capital punishment. Capital punishment undoubtedly deteriorates human life and puts the government on the same low moral level. Moreover, inefficiency of the judicial system may also send innocent persons to the gallows and that would be a crime against humanity. Therefore, such special kind of ‘justice’ based on the principle of revenge and the legal killing of human beings should never be justified.

— Sudeep Shree

Capital punishment is not justifiable. Capital punishment is a barbaric practice, and it is a deliberate breach of human rights. Capital punishment does not in any way deter criminal activities and should be abolished.

— Amrit Dhakal

Capital punishment is a highly contentious issue. There are instances where people inhumanely treated believe that the only way to get rid of them is to punish the perpetrators with capital punishment. But on the other hand, if the same punishment is meted out to them, is it humane on the part of law? Capital punishment hence can never be justifiable. It is not the end of crime but just a violation of human rights to the extreme.

— Savita Neupane

In confronting the problems of serious and violent crime in our society, we want to protect the lives and the sense of security of the victims. However, we must bear in mind that crime is both a manifestation of the evil and human freedom. We should not expect simple or easy solutions to what is a profound evil, and even less should we rely on capital punishment to provide such a solution.

— Nitu Kedia

Death penalty is barbaric a practice. It is punishing murderers with murder, which only encourages violence. Capital punishment is deliberate manslaughter. The death penalty promotes murder, contrary to its purpose, and should be outlawed. It doesn’t solve anything and doesn’t deter criminals from perpetrating more crimes.

— TG Ramaswamy


It is inhumane to mete out capital punishment to anyone. That is why people all over the world staged protests against the hanging of Saddam Hussein. In most of the countries, capital punishment is considered to be against humanity and human rights. Capital punishment is not justifiable in any terms.

— Mohan Narshingh Shrestha

In my opinion capital punishment is not justifiable on any terms. I believe in the adage that ‘to err is human and to forgive divine’. Capital punishment only encourages feelings of hatred and vengeance and might not be the real solution to the problem. If the world expects better future, then the formula of ‘tit for tat’ should not be applied for the guilty.

— Shyam Upreti

Capital punishment is not justifiable and should be abolished. Culprits should be punished for their brutal deeds, but not by meting out capital punishments. Poverty and absolute power are the causes of crimes. Thus, it should be our concern to abolish the causes rather than giving capital punishments to criminals.

— Kamal Poudel

Capital punishment is a senseless act. There should be some alternative way to punish the culprits, not by hanging them to death. Very few persons know that Saddam was kind. He would write poems, tell his children bedtime stories. He would feed bread crusts to birds saved from his meals and water a dusty plot of weeds.

— Munichan Shah

Punishment is essential to maintain peace and order in our society. As far as capital punishment is concerned, I criticise it severely because it is a brutal suppression of people’s human rights. Capital punishment leads people towards criminal and terrorist activities. Yes, life sentence protects our society from further danger and harm, but we must not forget the fact that “love begets love and hatred begets hatred”.

— Kiran Prasad Lohani

If we want to destroy something we have to be its creator or its rightful possessor. But we certainly are not the creators of human beings. I believe that therefore we have no right to decide the fate of someone’s life, let alone pass the verdict of capital punishment on them.

— Andrew Dahal

Capital punishment is an unscrupulous and unethical way of punishing any human being. In today’s world, we’ve witnessed many such killings. However, murdering a person for killing someone puts us on the same pedestal.

— Samyak Moktan

Being a true devotee of lord Buddha, I strongly condemn capital punishment. Bringing the criminals to justice by executing them may be a landmark for preserving democracy in the view of bureaucrats, but death penalty cannot be the best option as the final punishment for any crime. I believe that death penalty should be eliminated from the world as human right is the basic right to live and it should be applicable to all human being.

— Sita Bhandari

I consider capital punishment as one of the cruelest forms of punishment. In this era where human rights, non-violence and peace hold more weight, capital punishment could lead to a chaos in society. Everyone has the right to live life. A could be given severe punishment for his deeds, but not one that takes away his/her life. Capital punishment is not the last resort, but the beginning of a more problematic and rightless world. A ban must be clamped on capital punishment or else at some point it would put a question mark on existence of human beings.

— Sriestie Kafle

How is it justifiable that a man be killed by another in this intellectual world? Crime can never be stopped by killing criminals because we will committing another crime by killing the criminal.

— Jeevan Karki

Capital punishment puts an end to the life of the so-called culprit thereby leaving no chance for him/her to correct his/her mistakes. It is said that kill the person’s ill thinking, but not the person.

— Parash M Mishra

It is said that capital punishment dehumanises the world by putting vengeance first. I feel that the capital punishment is not an answer to the problems at hand.

— Prativa Nyaupane

Capital punishment has been a way to control the severe atrocities in the world caused by individuals or groups due to their vested interests.But the world experiences indicate that the method is not able to check the crime. Occasionally it is practised to eliminate political rivalry or to suppress the people through legal means. However, our society is well evolved scientifically and spiritually to control all such atrocities. Let this world be one of civilised people where even the barbarians can live repenting of their evil deeds. This will help us create a better world of tomorrow. The practice of capital punishment indicates that we have not yet overcome our past attitude. It is time to come forward and abolish capital punishment.

— Gokul Raj Pandey