PEOPLESPEAK: Focus on contestants’ personality development

I would focus more on other traits other than beauty and personality. Individuals participating in these contests should have a concrete idea of what they want to contribute to society and accomplish on their own.

— Sangeeta Shrestha

If I were one of the trainers of a beauty pageant, I would focus on the participants’ personality because though other traits are an added asset, personality is what reflects a person’s potential. It might also be because what impresses me about people is his/her personality rather than the physical beauty.

— Aneesha Bhattarai

In my opinion, a beauty pageant should embody femininity but also extend out to explore talent. A beauty pageant should encourage women to be socially and politically responsible.

— Padam, Gunadi

Beauty pageants are not confined only to beauty, talent and intelligence, it is an opportunity for the overall development of a person. If I were one of the trainers in such a pageant, I would focus on personality. A person’s personality is not only his/her outlook, but also the way s/he thinks and feels. Having a good personality is in a way winning half the battle. And I believe this should be the basic requirement for any person participating in beauty pageants.

— Sriestie Kafle, Sinamangal

To win the crown, one should be well trained in all the fields and not just one particular field. So, if I were one of the trainers in such a pageant, I would focus on every field because I think every field plays its own important role in the competition.

— Nim Doma Tamang, Kathmandu

Beauty pageants are events intended for women to showcase their internal and external beauty. They need to be competent and should be acquainted with various social and political issues, and current affairs. However, cultural values give them an identity of their own. Participants should also focus on showcasing cultural values.

— Ramesh Bhatta

If I were one of the trainers in a beauty pageant, I would focus on the social graces. Many such participants think that they are the only ones who are well educated. I would train them on the simplicity and beauty of social graces.

— Raj Sharma

Just being beautiful isn’t enough. There are many other qualities that a beauty contestant needs to possess. If I were to be a trainer in any beauty pageant, I would have focused on making the participants politically aware. I think we need to understand that our country has been facing a lot of problems, especially politically.

— Karma Ghale

When it comes to a beauty pageant, beauty is a must. But if I were to be a trainer, I would rather focus on the overall personality of the contestant as she would also be representing our country internationally.

— Justin

If I were to be a trainer of a beauty pageant or talent hunt, I would emphasise on boosting the confidence level of the contestants as most of them lack confidence.

— Krisha Amatya, United Academy

If I was one of the trainers in such a pageant, I would focus on developing the contestants’ personality. Personality helps to maintain our positive attitude. Those who have a great personality can speak effectively in social and business situations. Personality adds perfection to people.

— Deepika Sakha, Bhaktapur

Beauty pageants are not just about looks. If I were one of the trainers in a beauty pageant, I would focus on the overall personality of the contestant, which would help them demonstrate not only their external beauty but also their intelligence.

— Meena Subedi, Kalanki, Kathmandu

If I were to be a trainer in a beauty pageant, I would focus on making the contestants socially, culturally and politically aware. A contestant of a beauty pageant must be aware of the current affairs and political situation. She must also have a pleasant personality that makes her likeable. Above all, she should be a good human being.

— Sujana Bajracharya

It is terribly wrong to crown a woman as beauty queen, judging her by her appearance and asking her some silly questions. Instead, the crown should be given to women dedicated to her profession and those who have contributed to society in some way.

— Nitu Kedia

If beauty were only about looks, then it would have been difficult to choose the right person as we are all aware that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’. If I were a trainer in a beauty pageant, I would give first priority to personality development. Apart from the basic physical requirements, contestants must also possess good communication skills. They must also be aware of the social and the cultural aspects of the country they represent.

— Smriti Mahat

If I were a trainer I would give priority to intelligence blended with beauty. Contestants should have knowledge about the current events taking place in national and international arena. Building self-confidence among the contestants would top my list of priorities. I would also focus my training on how to promote national culture and attire in the international arena through such pageants.

— Ambika Pandey, Chitwan

Personality reflects the person. Personality encompasses the most fundamental traits in a person. Personality itself is the blend of all other crucial traits expected in a person. As P stands for Politeness, E for Eagerness, R for Responsibility, S for Sensitivity, O for Obedience, N for Neatness, A for Attitude, L for Loyalty, I for Intellect, T for Tidiness, and Y for Yearning to Learn, I would focus on the contestants’ personality development. A person with good personality can think in a broader perspective, can visualise her dream in the ever changing scenario.

— Sita Bhandari

If I were one of the trainers in such a pageant, I would focus on current affairs. They should have sound knowledge about every field to win the tittle. Talent,intelligence and beauty is the essential parts of the pageant. Knowledge about current affairs is very important for all participants.

— Kes Bahadur Pun, Simpani

If I were one of the trainers in a beauty pageant, I would mainly focus on personality grooming. Girls are like different flowers, with each having their own specialty. But as they say, first impression is the last impression — it is the way you portray yourself, the way you smile, the way you speak that is going to reflect how beautiful you are inside. And if you are confident and comfortable about yourself, you will be able to speak your mind even in the crowd and sincerity always wins.

— Sumnima Khatri

If I were one of the trainers, I’d focus on the participants’ intellectual beauty.

— Prakash Sparsha