PEOPLESPEAK: Following in our parents’ footsteps

Parents are our real gurus. In fact they always think about the betterment of their children. Formal education alone cannot lead us one the right path. Good morals, which we can get from our parents, is necessary. Hence, they are our real teachers.

— Netra Bahadur Karki

It is true that parents are your teachers, but you can also learn a lot from your teachers, friends or siblings. In my case I have learnt many things from my sister and my friend.

— Molika

For me the lives of famous people have been a greater inspiration than the teachings of those around me. Their struggle to succeed inspires me. Their ability to smile through every tear and patience for success is indeed a valuable lesson.

— Ashok Banjade

Essentially parents are the best teachers who guide us from the beginning of our life. The lessons imparted by parents are the only solutions to many problems. But for most of the time, we fail to take them seriously. There also are many instances in life when we have to act according the situation without anybody’s guidance. ‘Time’ is in fact the best teacher of all.

— Keshab Paudel

I strongly believe that our parents are our best teachers. Our thoughts play an important role in shaping our lives. The fundamental values of life are taught at our home by our parents. We are able to face challenges with confidence and optimism through the courage, support, inspiration and guideline given by our parents.

— Ila Yadav

My uncle has been my best teacher. My uncle works in the forest conservation organisation. I learnt about the ecosystem from my uncle. I even worked as a volunteer in school to talk about the conservation of trees. Inspired by him, I want become an ecologist.

— Bishwa Gurung

As far as I am concerned, I agree with this statement because the first teachers we have in our lives are our parents. They prepare us to face the real world even before we really step into it.

— Mahesh Yadav

As far as I can remember my parents have taught me moral values to make me a good citizen. As a child, the two invaluable lessons my mother taught me were to respect others and to have faith in God. Today, it is this faith that has inspired me to love life and most importantly, be a kind person. And because of the respect I show people, I have acquired unconditional love from my wife, sisters, friends, and relatives and even from my boss.

— Shagun Khatri

When teachers work together with families to support children’s learning, children tend to succeed in life. The most important factor of a student’s achievement is not income or social status, it is how involved the students’ parents are in their children’s education. Studies have shown that students have higher grades and test scores, better attendance, more positive attitude and behaviour when they work in collaboration with families. Parents gain a first-hand understanding of their child’s daily activities by spending time at school and interacting with staff.

— Nitu Kedia

Parents are our best teachers. They are the ones who nurture and nourish us. They not only impart knowledge but also enable us to lead a life with vision, wisdom and prudence. Nobody in the world understands us better than our own parents. Parents are our teachers, guides and friends.

— Dhananjay Shah

Time, and not my parents, is my best teacher. I grew up away from my parents, so they are not my teacher though I respect them. With time I have learnt to be strong, confident and courageous to face any situation. The experiences that I have gained with time, have helped me foster patience to face everything.

— Kala Sampang Rai