Peoplespeak : Fun under the winter sun

Chatting with friends in the balcony and enjoying the warmth of the winter between the classes top my chart of fond winter memories. I also remember sipping hot tea in the kausi of college wishing that such breaks would never end. My plan for this winter is to travel to different places in the Terai.

— Vinita Sharma

Winter, of course, has a different charm. I remember a winter day, when I was a child, when it had rained. I remained in the house and watched the rain splatter the ground. After some time the shower ceased and I came out only to see that the hills were covered in a white shroud. The sun came out and illuminated the white hills around. It was an amazing sight, one which I will never forget. This is the image of winter that I always carry around in my mind.

— Bibhu Sharma, Dhulikhel

The best option would be to spend a few days in the hill stations in the winter. Shivering with arms folded and bundled in warm clothes are some of my fond winter memories. Snow will fascinate anyone, and the cold breeze with the Shangri-la to soothe one’s mind, body and soul would make any winter an unforgettable memory.

— Santosh Kumar Karna, Birgunj

My most memorable winter trip was when I was 11-year-old. We were walking through the streets of Pokhara when I got lost. I began walking with a stranger who, in the crowd, I mistook for my father. I was terrified but fortunately my parents were only a steps ahead.

— Samik Ghimire

I like the winter season very much. I am interested in visiting different places, and this winter I plan to visit Ilam tea garden because many of my friends have said that is a beautiful place. I will also be going to Nagarkot to watch the sunrise, and for picnics with my friends.

— Rajan Thapa, Hemja, Pokhara

Sitting in the sun is something that is enjoyed by all during the winter months. As for me I like sitting on a mat on the roof, reading/studying and eating delicious, juicy oranges, while my favourite winter memory is of sleeping till late in the morning under thick blankets. This winter I am planning to go to Fulchowki hill, famous for snowfall, with my friends and have fun playing various games like a snowball fight among others. This will certainly go a long way towards make this winter memorable for me.

— Rupak Sapkota, Dhobighat

Sitting under the sun and getting warm in front of a fire during night are my fond winter memories. I am planning to go to camping with friends complete with a tent, food and firewood. We will probably spend a week out in the wilds this winter.

— Naresh Gurung, New Road, Kathmandu

My birthday falls in the month of December, and my winter memories are automatically coloured by my memories of my birthday. I had to take a bath in the freezing cold on my birthday. My mother used to urge me to bathe early in the morning but then most of the time it would be like flogging a dead horse. As I work during the nights, this winter will be especially memorable for me as I am sure I will be crazily missing my warm blankets and my cosy bed. And it should be a memorable winter for all Nepalis who are anticipating to be left in peace for ever and ever.

— Subash, Biratnagar

My fond winter memory is my visit to Daman. I can still visualise the snow-covered grounds, birds chirping... it was so pleasant that it appeared like heaven to me. My plan this winter is to visit the south Indian city of Bangalore. I will be travelling by train and will also do a darshan of Sai Baba.

— Mohan Narshingh Shrestha

For me winter is the most charming season and nothing about winter bores me. My favourite winter activities are drinking hot, hot coffee and visiting snow covered areas. My friends and I are planning a picnic at Nagarkot to make this winter memorable as soon we will all be going our own ways. I am also planning to go to Daman with my family and have fun with snow ball fights and making a snowman.

— Vivek Pandey

A few years ago I was going to Lucknow, India via Nepalgunj. However, when I reached Nepalgunj, I could not catch a connecting service to Lucknow immediately. I decided to stay overnight at Nepalgunj and take a taxi from Rupaidia to Lucknow the next morning. I had never been to Nepalgunj during the winter and did not know how cold it could actually get. Having visited the place during the warmer months, I didn’t expect to be almost frozen to death. However, that what happened that night. As the night deepened, the mercury also steadily began to fall. Coupled with it was a strong cold wind that made the night from bad to worse. By midnight I was shaking like a leaf, while my hands and feet had lost sensation due to the excessive cold. I put on all the warm clothes that I had packed, but even that was not enough. Thankfully the taxi arrived on time the next morning. Even today whenever Nepalgunj

is mentioned, I remember that horrible winter night. I am a cold allergic person, so winter does not bring me much joy. If I could overcome my aches and pains it would make this winter the most memorable one.

— Ambika Pandey, Chitawan

Having spent two years of my high school days in a cold place like Mussoorie, winter certainly has a lot of memories. How can I forget the cold, chilly mornings when we had to get up for PT classes, the boring prep time, bunking classes just to stay out in the sun and of course the first snow fall during our boards. Life seemed so perfect back then... I’ve invited winter in a grand way now — have joined a martial arts class that starts at 6 in the morning and has helped me fight the cold. After all who is scared of the winter, right?

— Akreety Pradhan, Nayabazaar

I spent the most special winter two years ago. I went with two of my friends to Fulchoki to play in snow. We were almost unable to move because of the extreme cold, but our enthusiasm to reach the summit was unstoppable.

— Saurav Sunar, Kathmandu