PEOPLESPEAK: Know cell etiquette before owning one

Our readers feel mobile phones are a boon of modern technology, an indispensible tool in times of emergency. And as all tools go, it is up to the owner how one uses it — properly or otherwise

Cellphones have advantages but at the same time the flipside weighs no less. While it can be used as a means to get in touch instantly, it is a sad fact that it is also alienating people from their dear and near ones. Though, cell phones have made a revolution in the field of communication, it is necessary users abide by certain etiquette. It’s not always good for a user to switch it off during a meeting or under other similar circumstances. It will definitely be beneficial to both parties concerned if the cell phone is kept on message recording option rather than switching it off. It would at least allow the user to listen to messages he has missed. If this etiquette is maintained, then cell phones can really be a boon in connecting people.

— Shikha Basnet

Yes, cells really connect people. However, it all depends on whether they use it as a tool to connect or as a tool to alienate from the near and dear ones. In our country though, I’ve found two-fifths of the people misusing this otherwise indispensable item. They spend hours talking crap while a lot others are happy flaunting it as a classy gizmo. For those who talk business are indeed making a good use of it and a means of connecting to people.

— Tinku

In many instances, a cell phone has proved to be the most useful and essential tool in bridging the distance between people. People do not need to feel lonely anymore. Moreover, cell phones have played a significant role in everyday lives of those people involved in daily business. There are of course downsides as all users aren’t making a proper use of it.

— Basundhara Khadka

Mobile phones are useful and portable and has helped a lot in connecting broken hearts. When you dial a number, you are given a message like ‘The number you have dialed is currently busy or switched off’. That means it connects people.

— Dhondhup Sonam


Mobiles plays a vital role in business or education. It is becoming cheaper by the day so enabling all people from all strata to afford it. It is up to us human beings how we utilise this tool call mobile phones — either for communicating or playing. New technology brings comfort into our lives, but people should realise how to make proper use of this technology.

— Abhinay Jayaswal

Mobile is a best invention of science. It can connect people in an instant. SMS helps in sending urgent messages and you can respond fast, too. It is cheap also. Mobile is not just a phone, it is a dairy, camera and with e-banking, you can check even your bank balance, pay school fees.

— Gaurav Man Shrestha

With the advent of mobile phones, people do not miss even a single call. Of course, conversations are broken up to answer calls, but such conversations can still be carried on after the attending the call. Or we can still not answer the call if it is not so important. The other option is to switch off the cell phone while we are involved in conversation.

— Sukirti Nepal

Mobile phones connect people, but you need to use it in the proper manner.

— Suresh Adhikari

Due to its easy availability at moderate price, mobile phone been the most popular means of communication these days. But it has been greatly misused by the owners. It has also been interpreted as a symbol of status. It does not matter how many people own mobile phones, but it definitely matters how sensibly they are using it . When we feel civilised to own a mobile phone, is not it our duty maintain the same civility while using it?

— Ambika Pandey

I agree to a great extent that cell phones connect people, but also alienates near and dear ones. It disturbs people’s conversations, but it is a tool that helps people during emergencies. S/He can be contacted immediatley if s/he owns mobile phone. So,if it is used wisely and for good purpose, it turns out to be really a boon. It depends upon the user how s/he utilises the mobile phone.

— Bandana

As far as the matter of alienation of near and dear ones is concerned, there is a simple trick that can work miracles: “Switch off”.

— Sachindra Mishra

I think that mobile phones have encouraged people to lie more because if a person is playing cards and his wife phones, he will say he is busy at work. And the network is also weak, which is helping them in this. Mobile phones should be used properly.

— Rajan Thapa

Just as roadways are there to connect places mobile phones are there to connect people! Yes, wherever you go you can always stay-in-touch with near and dear ones. Thanks to these cells. It may create an inconvenience when you are talking to someone else, but what would be the consequence if there was no mobile from which to call in an emergency? You can imagine the plight! Mobile in no way is a bone of contention between adored ones.

— Vipul Kabra

Beeping of your cell phones may be quite irritating if it is unwanted calls or you are not in the right state of mind to answer that particular call. On the other hand, you may find the beep soothing if it brings you a blitz of happiness and pleasant surprises. The merits and demerits of the cell phone depend on the way users use it. In today’s fast moving world, cell phone is an essential part of life.

— Akhil

I break off conversations to answer my cell not because I want to break conversation but because something more important might be waiting for my attention. If I find that the conversation I am having is more important than the call, I can always end a call saying, “Will call you later”. Sometimes a wife’s woes go unheard because of mobile phone, but the same mobile phone brings peace to her mind, when you are late and forget to inform her. She can reach you on your cell anytime.

— Raju Uprety