PEOPLESPEAK: Lots to be thankful for in 2005

The year 2005 has been a wonderful year, which will be treasured in my memory for some very special reasons. I’ve received so much of love from the person I cared most. It’s been a blessing to me to get to share all his happiness and resort to those warm and affectionate hands in times of trouble. The feeling of being loved has changed my entire perspective about life.

— Binu

First, the determination of the Nepali journalists to unite and fight for their rights made me feel good. Second, the landmark Supreme Court verdict, though an interim one, in favour of the news broadcasting in the FM made me feel good. At a time when the rule of law is increasingly being stifled, journalists’ determination to fight for their constitutional rights is inspiring. Even more inspiring is the widespread domestic and international support for Press freedom in Nepal. The year showed the media sector how to utilise freedom of Press to advocate for a common cause.

— Chandan Sapkota

Being an optimistic person, I want to recall the year gone by as something to cherish. Nothing has changed, but I cannot forget Brian Lara setting records as the leading test run scorer. Next thing was the honeymoon joke by Hi Lama in THT that helped break ice with my girlfriend.

— Hemant Shah

Can anything be more pleasing than a dream come true? That’s just what happened with me this wonderful year. I met my beloved and that’s the most wonderful thing that could ever happen. But if you insist on asking the second best thing that made me feel good, it’s the sweet nostalgia of the moments that I shared with him.

— Sangeeta Pokharel

The first thing that made me feel good about this year is that peace is gradually bringing a state of normalcy and the country is finally catching up with development activities. Besides, corrupt officials and politicians are finally being made accountable and punished for all their underhand deals.

— Neelotpal

The two things that made me feel good is that first I got the opportunity to get my opinions published in THT. And second that I stood first in the inter-class 800m race.

— Navalok

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and King Kong are the two things that made me feel good this year.

— Krishna Ram Lamichhne

There have been good developments that make one feel good about. However, what makes me feel good about this year is that Sauraha didn’t have to face flood this rainy season. Another thing was the Maoists’ announcement of ceasefire. Because of this development, me being in the tourism sector have benefited along with many inhabitants of Sauraha district.

— Sanjaya Mahato

The two events that made me feel good is first the Sri Lankan presidential election, where an enthusiastic and optimistic leader Mahendra Rajapakchhe was elected president indicating a positive step to end the two-decade long conflict of our neighbouring country. And secondly, Brian Lara, my favourite West Indies skipper who set the test cricket run record (11,187 runs) made me feel extremely exalted.

— Sameer Lamichhane

For the first time Maoists have unilaterally declared a ceasefire, which is indeed something to feel good about. The other thing to is the humanitarian assistance extended by the international community to help cope with some of the biggest natural catastrophes that struck humanity. This is certainly an indication that international cooperation between nations is increasing.

— Pushpa Raj Bhandari

Since the Maoist insurgency, no year has been good for us. But for the first time rays of hope have glimmered since they’ve called a unilateral ceasefire. This has made people hopeful about prospects of peace. Another thing that made me feel extremely good was Nepal’s victory in the ACC U-19 cricket tournament held recently.

— Kishor

I’m in love. Can there be anything as wonderful as being in love? That’s the most remarkable thing that has happened to me in years. Another thing that makes me feel good is that our country finally seems to find a way through political impasse, particularly since the Maoists have called a ceasefire.

— Sunil Nakarmi

I think the best part about this year was that educational institutions were not much affected because of unnecessary bandhs and strikes. And comparatively, the political situation has improved a lot. The second was the historic ceasefire announcement by the Maoists which, though for a short period has instilled in us a sense of peace and security.

— Mehek

The entire peace lovers around the globe are trying their best way possible to restore peace in the world. Likewise, the ultimate desire of every Nepali citizen is to re-establish peace in the country. So, coming to know of a boy of Bara, also by now popularly called Buddha incarnate made me feel good. The second thing that I felt good about was the Maoist’s ceasefire.

— Prakirti Nepal

One thing that made me feel extremely good this year was the unilateral ceasefire declared by the Maoist’s so that we could celebrate our biggest festivals. The second thing that made me feel good was when they extended the ceasefire for another one month.

— Pawan Adhikari

Among the many things that made me feel good about in the year gone by, it was certainly the ceasefire declared by the Maoists. Because of the ceasefire, people got to celebrate the biggest of Nepali festivals without having the threat of violence looming large over them. The next thing that made me feel exalted was the opportunity to participate in many social activities.

— Diya Bhattarai

First of all, political unity between the parties for the cause of democracy made me feel good. Another thing that made me proud is I opened a club named ‘Shelter For HIV/AIDS Suffered’ with the help of my friends, particularly at a time when the spectre of HIV Aids is increasing ever more.

— Saroj Kumar Shah

The two things that made me feel good about is the unilateral ceasefire declared by the Maoists. The next thing that made me feel good about is the alleged reincarnation of Buddha at Bara.

— Rajan Thapa

The way people of the world joined their hands to serve for the mankind during the greatest disasters that struck humankind was simply praiseworthy. We can at least rest assured that humanity is still alive. Also in the context of our country, we particularly the students can heave a sigh of relief after a period of relentless Maoist Insurgency.

— Weeweck Lamsal

This year has been the most enjoyable year in my life. My father took me to a plush restaurant for my birthday. Another thing that made me feel good about was the peace that apparently seems to have been restored after a period of bloody strife.

— Dawa Sangpo

Firstly, it is the unilateral ceasefire declaration by the Maoists and secondly, the long stalled SAARC summit that could take place in Dhaka Bangladesh this year are the two most significant events that made me to feel good in the year 2005.

— Ambika Pandey

I had not been able receive tika from my dearest mother during Vijaya Dashami for the last few years, but this year my wish was fulfilled. Another incident that has given me tremendous pleasure is to hear the news about Ram Bahadur Bambjan of Ratanpur VDC, Bara, who is said to have been under continuous meditation for the past six months with the sole interest of seeing peace restored in the country.

— Eklaxmi Nepal

I received the sixth edition of the Harry Potter from my dearest brother, which came as a surprise and made me extremely happy. Another thing that made me happy was when the Nepali Under-19 cricket team defeated Malaysia in the finals.

— Dibya Gurung

The two things that made me feel good this year is the unity among the people all over the world during the greatest disasters that struck humanity and the feeling of brotherhood that emerged as a result between the people of different nations.

— Preetha