Peoplespeak: On the road: You and your stories

Travelling alone a gift to one’s soul. When you explore a place on your own, your senses are more attuned to the sights, sound, smell, taste and feel of the locale, providing you with a more fulfiling sense of the place. You travel solo but you are never alone. By indulging in to the whims of your soul’s curiosity without any limitations or distractions which you often get when travelling with a group, you enhance your chances of stumbling into opportunities which enable you to interact with locals and engage in activities you may not have otherwise, making the experience more personal and much more unforgettable. The memory will no longer just be captured on film or stored in your mind, it will be etched in your soul.

— Romena Romuar

Travelling is indeed fun. If given an opportunity to travel to my heart’s content, I would like to do it all anyone being there to spoil the whole idea. Its nice sometimes to see others envying you. Sorry dudes!

— Prakriti Bhattarai

Travelling can be for fun as well as a source of gaining experience. It could aid in gaining valuable knowledge about places and people and their different cultures and traditions. In my opinion, travelling in a group doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t ruin the pleasure of the journey. I would prefer to travel with a friend who truly enjoys the pleasure of travelling.

— Sudhir Bhandari

If I were given a chance to travel to my heart’s desire, I would definitely go for a long trip in a group. Only a recluse would love to travel alone. But travelling also means gaining experiences from different places and people and traditions. An individual will gain a wider outlook on the things s/he’s seen if shared in a group. After all, different eyes can see better than a single pair.

— Soviet Tumbahangphe

I prefer travelling in groups. Travelling in groups makes the journey more interesting. We can bring together our individual experiences to make it all seem all the more beautiful. Sharing joys and pleasures makes the moment more overwhelming.

— Pushkar Baral

I prefer travelling alone but wouldn’t mind if accompanied by a co-traveller. I don’t like the idea of travelling in groups very much, as when it comes to having a certain choice you’re forced to concede to group decisions. Travelling in a group requires lots of compromises, which is certainly not the case when travelling alone.

— Kamal

I believe in travelling alone and travelling fast. Though it sounds good to travel with your near and dear ones, I love travelling alone. That is the only way you can

enjoy the perfect commune with the places you visit.

Besides, you also have to your advantage a more

flexible timetable that

you can manoeuvre to match your schedule.

— Dinesh Dangol

Travelling is much more fun when done in a group. There’s always the support of the group in case of any misfortune. Problems are better solved in groups than alone.

— Aditya Mundhara

If I ever get a chance to travel, I will definitely prefer to go along with my friends. Not only that friends are special, but also it’s great fun to talk and share experiences.

— Akanchya

I prefer to travel with my friends rather than alone. People travel to experience the beauty of the place. And the beauty of it deepens being in the company of loved ones. Going on a trip alone is the sign of being anti-social.

— Pradeep Shrestha

If I were given a chance to travel my heart’ desire, then I wouldn’t think of anyone but myself. I’d love to soak up the beauties of the place all by myself after all it’s your desire and there’s no harm in making other people jealous.

— Shristina Shrestha

Travelling with friends is always a new experience because one can share one’s feelings with friends. However, I wouldn’t want to travel with my other family members.

— Shristi Humagain

Man is a social animal, so I would love to travel in a group. For me it would seem quite rough and tough to enjoy life alone.

— Ekta Kabra

Travelling is always good and entertaining. Going with friends is more entertaining than alone. If you really need to know about that places seriously, than you have to go with your family. It will help you to know more things about those places.

— Dipesh Dangol

I love to travel and I love to travel alone. We are sharing every second of our life with people around us, and our busy and crowded life has led us to forget the real relation of our soul with nature. So to grab the extra magical moments, I’d want to travel alone.

— Menuka Ban

I’d love to travel in a group and share my experiences with my friends. I can collect more ideas, views and enjoy more in a group than going off alone.

— Sabin Shrestha

I would not say I am a recluse, but the truth is I love to travel by myself. It is said that the strongest man in world is one who can live alone. I do not want to call myself strong, but I love to face the new world by myself, and it would be better if there was no one to interfere in my journey.

— Nishedh Gurung

I would like my friends and family to accompany me . Travelling solo does not give one the enjoyment that we desire to get from a visit. Different people have different perceptions of the things. Hence, I presume my solo visit to a place of my choice might not cover all the aspects that my co-travellers could help me in covering if I go alone.

— Ambika Pandey

I’d love to enjoy my heart’s desired place alone with nothing and no one to disturb me. However, if it’s my best friend Manoj as my co-traveller, then I could make an exception.

— Sachin

I have noticed that if one’s co-travellers do not share similar interests then its very difficult make travelling fun and exciting. So I’d prefer to travel alone.

— Pashupati Shah

It was great spending a month with friends in Delhi and Himachal. So I would definitely say travelling with friends (group) is really like sucking nectar from flower.

— Ngodupt Tashi Lama

I would surely like to travel in a group because in group one never feels bored. We can share our feelings and experiences. We can help each other in times

of need. We can play,

laugh, enjoy.

— Neelotpal Sharma