Peoplespeak : Pink for her, blue for him: The wait is over

No, I would not want to know the sex of my child before birth. Life is full of surprises and that will be the most waited, happiest, beautiful and most enjoyed surprise of all. As a couple we can guess, argue, discuss about what we will know in just nine months time. We can fight about the name both masculine and feminine. That will be something to be remembered, cheered and laughed about in the future. I’d totally like to be surprised at the end of the nine month period. The time will all be so joyful and charming and in the end, the surprise that it will lead to will create a different, new perspective towards life for me and my loved one.

— Rojan Raut,

St Xavier’s College

Disclosing a baby’s sex

before birth is not a big issue provided the intention to do so does not violate human rights in anyway. However, if the intention of knowing the child’s sex is to humiliate and insult the baby’s gender in any way, then that is not justified. But if it is out of sheer curiosity and inquisitiveness, the use of modern technology then is understandable. I personally believe that the growth and activity of the baby inside a mother’s womb will provide enough zeal, thrill, dreams, excitement during the gestation period and that knowing the sex

of the child only at birth adds even more flavour to the big event.

— Banodita Acharya


If I were going to have a baby, I would want to know the sex of my unborn baby so that we can abort it should we not like to have it any more. As parents in Nepali society one feels privileged to have a son, than a daughter. Most people have many daughters in hopes of having a son because they don’t know the sex of the baby before it is born, which could have been aborted. It is also easy for us to make necessary arrangements for the baby if we know its sex prior to its birth.

— Tilak Poudel, USA

If I were going to have a baby, I wouldn’t wish to know the sex of my unborn child. I would wait to be surprised on the day of the birth because babies are a gift from God, and I would be happy to have either a boy or a girl.

— Nilima

I would prefer to know it in advance so that I can arrange for the things that a baby boy or baby girl would need and love to have.

— Tek Kunwar

Parents or members of the family differentiate between son and daughter after knowing the sex of the unborn child. And the daughter-in-law is also ready to have an abortion for the family’s happiness. They don’t let the innocent child take birth in this world if it is a daughter. So, I would wait until the child takes birth and would not allow anyone to differentiate even if the child were a daughter.

— Rebati Adhikary, Nepaltar

I would like to know the sex of my unborn child as I am in favour of family planning. I don’t want a lot of children in this expensive time as it is a getting to be a great burden to bring up them. I want a son and a daughter for a happy family. For this I must know the sex of my unborn child so that I could avoid unnecessary or unwanted child, and I would only have a wanted child. Waiting to know the sex of my child on the day of birth will not give me that wanted child.

— Mohan Narshing Shrestha, Kupondol

Of course! One should know the sex of the new child one is going to welcome. I have two reasons for it, firstly, if you are unsure about the sex of the child, clearly, you will think more about it until you get an answer and continuous curiosity may lead to depression. Secondly, one should try to get optimum benefit from available technology and resources, disclosing the mystery in time and taking corrective action for further.

— Ambika Basyal

Life’s turnings and windings are full of curiosity. The curiosity and suspense plays a significant role in the excursion of life. These curiosities, astonishments, anticipations and unknown put a significant aspect lest it becomes monotonous and secular. These are the things that play music to make life dance, to give taste to life. Certainly, I would wait for the moment when the suspense will be revealed throwing unbearable boundless happiness upon me. What does the sex of the child matter?

— Sarose GC, Kirtipur

I’d really want to know the sex of my unborn child because I believe that being a parent it is most important to take care and pay utmost attention towards it. It is a responsibility to know everything about him/her. I would do it out of curiosity not to show any kind of discrimination towards the child. In this modern age waiting and dying each and every day is nothing more than being silly and well as stupid.

— Beeky, Thamel

I would obviously wait for the surprise on the day because it is a very interesting secret for a parent to know the sex of their child. It also creates very good and essential curiosity. This also helps to create a lot of love between the unborn child and parents because parents want a child and the sex of the child should not matter to them.

— Mukunda

Most people want to know their child’s sex before they are born. This tendency is growing with the widespread development of technology. Mostly there are two aspects to check their sex before they are born. Firstly, to find out whether they it is male or female. Secondly, to abort the child, if it is a girl. Many people from developing countries want a son. This is because, if a girl is born, they have to bear unnecessary burdens, such as difficulty during marriage — the huge expenses, even after marriage if the husband and family not supporting her than she becomes a burden on the maternal side. Another reason is that, some people feel that, those who do not have a son won’t go to heaven after death. So they have abortion with and try to have another child, hopefully a boy next time.

In my case, I will wait until my baby is born. I don’t want to follow traditional and out-dated rules and rituals. Another thing, I believe, is that there is no difference between males and females. There have been many evidences that if they get a chance, females can do as well as male and they do not have to depend on others.

— Gopal Khanal

I would prefer to be surprised on that very day. Though it is easy to find out the sex of the unborn child, it would be a great surprise on that day. Sometimes we need to have patience to get happiness.

— Chiranjibi Katuwal

Having a baby means being blessed. And it has nothing to do with the sex of a child. The

greatest happiness for me would be on the day when I’ll be holding my baby in my hand, who has the same blood running through his/her veins as mine. So, I would like to be surprised on the day of the birth of my baby, rather than knowing it before time.

— Neema

The most exciting and charming moment of in a woman’s life is when she becomes pregnant and finally when she gives birth to her baby. With the development of modern equipment in the field of radiology, we are able to get detailed information of the growing foetus in the womb. Though the health hazard from it is minimum, no one can be sure that it is 100 per cent safe, and there may be some side effects to the mother or baby. So, it is better not to have such tests only to know the sex of the child unless in case of pathological condition or if it is an emergency. A child whether a girl or boy doesn’t matter to a mother. S/he will still be loved and will grow up with the same love, care, attention, enthusiasm and of course good education. So, if I am going to have a baby, I would wait to be surprised on the day of the birth.

— Sarita Neupane

If I were to have a baby, I’d definitely wish it to come as a surprise. Having a child without knowing its sex is receiving a pleasant surprise — big time; there is no joy as such. I guess expectant parents would have greater pleasure in going on and on about “if it were a boy…and if it were a girl...” More importantly, the baby’s sex shouldn’t be the greatest concern. A parent is equally happy whether the exclamation is, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” There is no doubt that the true sense of parenthood comes when you hold the child in your arms, so, it would be better to have that surprise, than kill the curiosity of an anxious would-be parent.

— Rhea Gurung,


Giving birth to a baby is a mother’s eminent job or right. More responsibilities, stronger bond on relationships among the family members and even in spouses is said to be increased with the arrival of a new baby. To me, whether it is a girl or boy that doesn’t matter, but a healthy child is what everybody dreams of. I think the only purpose of knowing the pre-natal sex is to eliminate the girl as many people desire a son at any cost even in today’s world. And I completely disagree with such ridiculous discrimination. I would wait with enthusiasm for the imminent arrival of one bringing happiness and sharing some inherent characters that I have.

— Shanti Pandey

I would be interested to know the sex of an unborn child so that it will be easier to plan accordingly. We can also inform our parents and relatives about it. The other advantage of knowing about the sex of an unborn child is that we can also figure out if there is any complication in the baby or not. If there is any complications then we can make plans early on to solve such complications.

— Sushobhit Pokharel

Everybody is curious to know about the sex of his/her child. Whenever a person comes to know s/he is going to be a parent, most of them want to know the sex of child. However, unlike them, I don’t care about the sex of my unborn child. As I think, if a person comes to know the sex of an unborn child, than it loses its value. There isn’t any huge and crucial difference between a son and daughter due to which future plans may vary. Anyway, it of course the surprise on the day of birth that I would love to wait for.

— Prakash Kharel

It is quite natural for an expecting mother to have curiosity about the sex of her unborn child. To calm down the quest and curiosity an expecting mother chooses to undergo the test that reveals the sex of the child that she is carrying. But I am against undergoing such tests for few reasons. Firstly, it is morally and ethically wrong and inappropriate for a mother to undergo such tests especially if it is done with the intention of aborting the foetus. Secondly, a child is a precious gift that nature bestows to a mother. And uncovering the gift before it is handed over to the receiver would only be under valuing the real charm and essence. In another word a mother would lose the thrill and suspense that keeps overwhelming her during pregnancy, once she undergoes sex determining tests. So, I see no other option than waiting for the due period for a child to come if a mother  wants to feel the real enjoyment of motherhood.

— Ambika Pandey,