Peoplespeak : Save, but don’t forget to have fun too!

It will be wiser to save money for tomorrow as tomorrow is always a mystery. As our future is always guided by our present it would be better to save our money, which can support our needs when we become frail and then we can use it for ourselves.

— Rosaline

It is better said than done. The same case goes with me. I am known among my friends to be a spendthrift. I spend whatever I earn like there is no tomorrow. It is said to be wiser if one saved, but who cares as long as you’ve got something to spend? But sometimes after spending I think what would have gone wrong if I had some more to spend?

— Suniel Raj Dhakal

Life and death are the two sides of the same coin. When we are born we are sure to die. But we never shun away from our worldly duties just because we will die one day. This is the beauty of life. But our strong thought for living long and seeing a beautiful tomorrow are some of the factors that help us overcome the fear of death. And, when there is no fear of death we automatically start saving for future. This is how thinking plays key role in generating the habit to save. Personally I strongly believe in saving for tomorrow so that I need not have  to live on the mercy of others in my old age.

— Ambika Pandey, Chitwan

We should be wise in today’s world. One who doesn’t think about tomorrow is selfish and an egoist. We should also think about others. If we finish everything today, then what will our coming generations do? For example, if we start cutting down the forests and finish all the natural resources today, what will the coming generation use? Being a part of this beautiful earth, I think we should also save things for the bright future of tomorrow because no being in the world wants to suffer.

— Tsering Tashi Gurung

Who has seen tomorrow? Live it up today. The famous saying goes, ‘Live a large life now cause today is worth more than tomorrow.’ I believe we should live for today so it is wiser to enjoy the money we earn.

— Suvekchhya

In my opinion, it is wise to save money for tomorrow because one cannot know what opportunity we may get or difficulty we may have to face tomorrow and need to spend money on. It is also a good habit to save money, rather than spending it on video games, expensive gifts, clothes and shoes. Money should be spent when necessary.

Money we save is not only useful for us but some part of it can also be used for good cause for others those who are very needy.

— Sandesh Gurung

I think it is wiser to save up for a brighter future because then we can buy anything that we want. We can spend money on household items or for family members. We can provide for all the necessities of life. Even if we get ill, we can spend money to get cured. It is said that health is wealth. Because without health we cannot earn money. So, health is more precious than wealth. I wouldn’t mind spending some money when I’m with my friends, but I would also save for the future.

— Nayan Awale

I would prefer to save about 70 per cent of my income for future and spend only 30 per cent of it. Saving is always a safe way to protect oneself from any economical problems later on. But I know can’t ruin my present in the name of saving. So a balance between both is necessary in life.

— Millan Poudel

Yes, it is wiser to save up for a brighter future because in the context of Nepal, we don’t earn sufficient money to invest in anything that would make our future bright as our income is very low in comparison to developed countries.

— Sushil Gasi Shrestha

I feel that one should neither be too eager to have so much fun in the present that s/he completely forgets about the future, nor should s/he be too worried about the future that s/he forgets to have fun in the present.

— Niharika Shrestha, Chabahil

Money is power and prestige. Without money we are losers. So, to go ahead in life, we have to manage money successfully. We must have specific saving and spending goals. We have to set aside a certain amount for retirement and emergencies. It is a universal truth that we all have to leave this earth one day, but no one knows when that is. So we must develop a habit to save. If there will is no tomorrow, then nobody will work hard today.

— Ishwari Dulal, Jorpati

I have seen people who are glad to escape from the burden of tomorrow by saying that tomorrow is unknown. It makes me sad as the generation after them will be deprived of those things, which they deserve by birth. We pass across street children picking plastic bags and striving hard for their living. Who is responsible for this? Most probably their parents, who didn’t set aside some money for the future. The concept of ‘New Nepal’ will also be like that of the street children until we work and save today for a bright future.

— Razan Sharma, IOM

Saving for tomorrow is a good way to invest our earnings. It is the most common and well-accepted theory in our society. But sometimes we have to put these theories aside. We are humans after all. We have to enjoy our life and for this we have to spend too.

After all we have earned to make our life better. If we spend on ourselves, it’s not a mistake. But if we cross our limit, then we will have a hard time in future. I prefer to save, but I also don’t mind spending to fulfil my hobbies.

— Amish Ratna Sthapit, Hetauda

Nobody has seen the future. Yes, I would like to enjoy my life but at the same time I must worry about my future too. Life is full of struggle and I don’t want to regret in the future due to my past. I don’t worry whether I will live or not, but my savings will be passed on to my offspring or someone else, which will help them live their life beautifully and peacefully.

— Dipesh Acharya, Buddhanagar

If work shouldn’t be saved for tomorrow, then why should money? What if there’s no tomorrow? The more you have, the more you’re afraid of losing... so I think money shouldn’t be locked up! As for me, it’s like “Spend even if you don’t earn!!” But I don’t take saving as a bad idea. It’s kind of cool actually!

— Stuti

Sometimes people earn a lot of money at a time and think that it will last for the rest of their life. We forget what is important and go on a massive spending spree. Before you know it, you find you’ve spent all your money and realise you still need more. I once had an experience like this that helped me be wise about spending money. On my birthday I had gotten around Rs 1,000. I had never seen this much money before at one time. So I felt as though it would never run out. Throughout the week, I spent my money. I bought music, games, and some other useless junk. After spending all my money I realised that I forgot about what I needed most was new clothes. This experience really helped me in the future. Ever since that day I always watch my money, making sure I have saved enough for that is important.

— Prajal Shakya  

In my opinion saving money is more important than spending it now. If we save money, then we can use it when the situation demands it. Once when I was in Class VI, I had not saved money and I broke my pen so I needed to buy a new one. I had Rs 100 the day before but I had spent it all. I had to ask my Mum for money. She gave me the money but she also gave me a huge lecture saying that if I had saved my money then I would have been able to buy it myself. Nowadays I always save half of my pocket money for emergencies.

— Salin Shakya

Money is everything. We can buy anything with money. We have to save money. Saving money is a good habit. If we save money then it will be very helpful in the future. We can save money for our further education, to buy expensive things etc. For example, if we have Rs 100 then we can save Rs 60 rupees and spend Rs 40.

— Bibesh Shrestha

I want to save money for my future because sometimes we might have some problem and we might need money. Once I was asked by my teacher to buy a copy and my parents were not at home. So I used the money I had saved from my pocket money. If I get Rs 100 as a pocket money, I spend only half and save the rest as emergency fund.

— Samyak Bajraacharya

Saving for a rainy day is better than living it large now. It helps to make our future bright. No one can see the future so anything can happen.

— Sabrina  Shakya

I think pocket money should be saved. It will help our parents also because we can buy the things we need with the money. We have to spend our pocket money in the right way. I always save my pocket money.

— Ashma Rajopadhyaya

There are both kinds of people — who spend a lot and ones that save. We should not be over greedy but should also have some limits while spending. I spend a lot buying food, cold drinks, travelling, using Internet and recharging mobile. We cannot stop these things, but my mind says that I should not spend so much. The more we spend the more we are tempted to ‘spend more, eat more, do more.’ We should control our spending for our further education and fulfil our dreams.

— SP Panday, Gongabu

My way of living is to enjoy life but not spend everything I earn. As far as possible I minimise my expenses so that I can save for future.

— Abhinay

We save, basically, because we can’t predict the future. If we could, we would know precisely

how much money we would need for the things that we want and need in the future. But because we can’t do this, the need to save money for the future is vital. “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” Unfortunately, this is true. So if you think you may want something now or in the future, you need to save the money you have and add to it until you have enough to buy what you want.

— Nitu Kedia

No doubt money is important, we have to save money. It helps solve our problems. We can’t do anything without money. It is helpful for our future generation. But we should not be very money minded. There is a proverb, ‘Cut your coat according to your cloth.’ We have to make our life enjoyable, but we should not spend on unnecessary things.

— Simaran Thapa

I think it is better to save for a brighter future because one might need that money for emergencies. Money should be saved instead of spending it.

— Uddesh Dangol

Some people spend money the moment they get it, but some people save it for future. I usually save money for future; if I need something later, then I can use that.

— Sukirti Manandhar

Even small insects save crumbs for winter though a puff of the wind or a trickle of water can take its breath forever in no time. If they do, so why shouldn’t we? In my opinion optimism is a must for a successful life. No matter how uncertain our coming days are, we must have a good vision and plan for the future. For that we have to work hard today to secure our future. The potential we have now may not remain in the future. Hence, we must save up whatever we can for future so that we can live happily.

— Anu Karmachraya

Money has become our basic need. In this world, money is used for various purposes. Even from simple to complex things, we all depend on money. While talking about saving it or enjoying all that we have now, I think balance is needed. There are some things, which are unnecessary for us and it’s not good to spend money at such times. But if we really like something, we should spend money on it. And we always have extra money which we don’t spend. When we save for a rainy day, there are less chances of economic problems in future. But if we use all we have now, no one knows what will happen in the future.

— Salina Gautam

Money can be termed as a means of satisfying wants. To save it for future or to spend it today — it’s a matter of personal opinion. I think that saving money for the future would be more practical and logical. Money, from my point of view, is a means of securing the future. Who knows what will happen. We can be bankrupt if we do not save money or use money wisely.

— Dikesh Bajracharya

There is a Nepali saying Ghanti heri hard nilnu (Cut your coat according to your cloth). We have to spend our money according to our income. We must also save it. If we get Rs 100 today, we have to spend Rs 30-40 and save the rest.

— Milinda Shakya