PEOPLESPEAK : The hand that rocks the cradle

When women leave home to work they gain the ability to give much more to their society, and make their lives and the lives around them, better. Although the benefits to the workplace

are clear, readjustment of roles on the home front is the need of the times.

Today’s world is a world of equality. It does not matter that nature itself has made a difference between men and women; the world continuously seeks gender equality. I truly agree that women should have equal right as men do in any field. The modern economy provides a lot of options and opportunities for proving self worth. And these opportunities are not just for men but also for women. Women should have the right to take up a career appropriate for them, which is challenging for them and which interests them. Women, though emotionally weak, must have the opportunity to prove themselves and their ability to do any work whether it be the household work or any business, service or any thing and show that their emotions does not matter in their careers. Unlike men, women also have the will to be exposed to the outside world, to make their career and to have fame. I know that women have to be lock up with their house and children, but if a woman can do a man’s job then why not can’t a man do a women’s household job? Women can indeed work harder than men. The place where she is does not mater. The thing that matters is their passion to work hard and make a career. The yield of working hard cannot be achieved by confining oneself to a place but by exposing oneself to the public where there are people to appreciate your work. So women have the right to go anywhere where they can make their career and where their work gets the most appreciation. As we not only belong to out home country but we belong to the earth.

— Kripa Lopchan Tamang, Tyanglaphant, Kirtipur

Women are the builders of the family. For every successful step a man takes there is the hand of a woman. Everybody thinks women should be given equal opportunities, but to be practical, it is not possible to allow them to have careers too far away. We can’t go beyond the nature. Naturally women are for household purposes, they are fit there, whereas men can’t perform the activities of a woman and vice- versa. If women go far to make up her careers then who will look after her child? Of course there is men but he can’t do the same what women can do. Women should be happy for what she can do, and men should be happy for what he is. “It is upon you, and you and yet upon me, that the yoke of responsibility falls.”

— Anju Thapa

The economy of modern life changes at wartime. Its high time women need to see the outside world in order to explore their hidden talents and capabilities and show them to their male counterparts, hence help in nation building. Instead of following the ‘domestic politics’ as shown in the serials of Starplus, they should better keep themselves busy in jobs for their own betterment. Their male well-wishers should also respect the decisions made by women considering the fact that if ‘there is always a woman behind every successful man ‘ then even the same woman can destroy everything when the evil powers in her thoughts come into play.

As far as the matter of building a career too far away from the home is concerned, the decision should be made through mutual understanding, which varies in accordance to the construction of the family.

— Sachindra Mishra, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

It is a dog eat dog world. No one cares about any one anymore. And it is also an independent world. If women don’t work, they are definitely going to be mistreated in every way possible. Women are still mistreated in many countries like Rajasthan because they are not educated, and because they don’t earn for their families. As long as women work at safe environments, and know what they are doing, there is no such thing as “will the society let them work far away from home?” attitude. As for speaking about concerns whether women are suited to work away from home, I think these sorts of questions should never be asked anymore when it’s a world full of competition.

— Sirsha Gyawali

We are now in the most developed age, where there is no difference between men and women; so women should be allowed to explore for their careers far away from the home. There are several skilful and talented women who are just wasting their time and creativity within the boundaries of the four walls, lacking in good opportunities. If they get better opportunities and can build their career far away from their house then it is a good thing and society should not provide any obstacles in such path. We are society makers and if women will be benefited then obviously our society will also be benefited. Most of the women are dependent upon her husband in developing countries like ours. Life is uncertain if something happens to husband then whole responsibility comes upon the women. If she is not career oriented then the life of all children along with her is ruined. Thus, it is most important for women to be career- oriented. This is the best way to make her independent. She can make her own identity in the society. It will be helpful in maintaining the living standard. To meet the challenges of modern era she has to build her own career for better future.

— Jayanti Jha

Socially and religiously, women are portrayed as weak and dependent, and the conclusion is that freedom should not be given to them. Bearing this thought in mind each society socialises

its new generation. Ideas given to children when they’re young cannot be easily replace by ideas as adults. This thought feeds on conservative ideas. Nepali society is male dominated. It does not like to get women out of its home. Conservative society strictly opposes women leaving their homes. They are kept doing kitchen work. Women work in kitchen but suffer in silence, because they cannot oppose their families. Women work more hours in a day than a man but it is not noticed and it isn’t evaluated. Their work looks minor yet it has a great value. Although they hold the undeclared manager position of the institute of their families, they are not paid. Times have changed. The demands and necessities of family are increasing. A single man’s earning is not sufficient to run a family. To back on economy condition woman has moved slowly out of the home and into an externally paid workplace.

Today they are free agents as never before. They hold strong views and are aware of their powers and rights. They cannot be dominated. It is their choice whether they stay at home or go out of home for paid work. There is nothing wrong with women going out of their home for work.

— Birendra Shrestha “Deepankar”, Kirtipur