Peoplespeak :They care. Do you?

Preferring to undergo the HIV test is not undermining one’s trust or the other’s, but it is precaution taken for the life that one is going lead based on trust with the saying “I care. Do you?”

— gRM

AIDS is spreading like wild fire and Nepal is no exception. However, basic norms and values associated with our marriage system is not permitting even the elite class to ask for HIV test. Pre-marital sex has become very common, so it is time we came up with a solution on time to avoid the unescapable. Couples should be encouraged to ask for such test.

— Manish

Pre-marital HIV test is quite okay with me, but as sex is still taboo in our society, the party that has been asked to undergo the test might feel offended.

—Pradip Bhandari, Bagdol

Pre-marital HIV test is necessary in order to maintain the trust of our partners with whom we will be spending the rest of life.

— Raja Ram Shrestha

It is not only a question about demeaning and undermining one’s trust. It is our responsibility. And if one has to marry an HIV-positive person, s/he can be prepared physically and mentally for the worst case scenario. After all prevention is better than cure.

— Kamal Poudel

I would certainly want a test as this would give me and my partner the confidence to go ahead being intimate with each other without any fear.

— Prasun, Kirtipur

It is necessary to take a test before marriage because there are several instances of the healthy partner being infected after marriage. And many marriages are arranged even these days. And such a test becomes more necessary.

— Laxman Shrestha,


Getting the test is not just a matter of trust, it is a matter of life and death and the fate of the children. This trend should be encouraged and a person should not be made to feel awkward asking for such a test.

— Subash Chandra Poudel

‘Precaution is better than cure’ should be our mantra. It will be better to take precaution rather find one’s self on the victim’s list.

— Ajay Seth

As far pre-marital HIV test is concerned, our socio-cultural environment does not give us much freedom. But it doesn’t necessarily mean we should not talk about it at all. What we would like to say is that such a test should not be made mandatory but it should be something that one can do with mutual understanding.

— Prakash Bagale,

Shiva Regmi

HIV test is not practical in a traditional society like ours, but trying to keep one’s self safe by taking a test is not demeaning. And society must agree with it.

— Ashok Lamichhane

It is wise to think of a HIV test before marriage but such a test will not be so easy in an society like ours. To encourage that culture, we must bring about awareness and do lots of campaigning and as well as market research.

— Munesh Thapa

Sex is not the only way one can be infected. Children could be infected if the mother is HIV-positive or through blood transfusions. I suggest that people should test their blood from time to time even if they have no plans of getting married.

— Ratan Ale, Tansen

Pre-marital test for the virus is one way of prevention. Since such type of precaution is not popular in our country, we can make it applicable by making it a law. But such attempts should be done with mutual understanding and both parties should take it in a positive way.

— Preity

Love means dedication. However, it is the 21st Century and one cannot be 100 per cent sure of anyone. Such a test could probably help us to get a marital paradise that will last for years otherwise we will be going to Aryaghat very soon.

— Kamal Khadka

It would not be wise to ask a partner to undergo HIV test. The most noteworthy thing in any relationship is your faith in your partner. If there is no trust, then your long life together will become hell.

— Akanchya