Persevere to preserve

Aristotle once said — “The essence of life lies within the environment.”

Environment is complex: it includes both biotic and abiotic components. It covers a vast area. It plays an important role in the complex tapestry of our lives. Its role in our life is indispensable.

June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day. The slogan for this year’s environment day is ‘Melting Ice: A Hot Topic’. It emphasises the effect of climate change on the Polar regions. Nepal being a Himalayan country, this topic is very relevant to us.

Gases like sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and chlorofluorocarbons that pollute the air have formed an envelope over the earth’s surface that allows sun’s rays to enter the earth, and re-radiates it. This phenomenon known as global warming has resulted in climate change.

Due to climate change the temperature of the earth has been rapidly increasing and the snows are melting. If this trend continues, very soon Nepal and other countries of this region will have to face many floods and scarcity of water in the dry seasons. It will have an adverse effect on our country as our lives depend on water.

It is through our own actions that this has been caused. We must hear the call of environment for help. Various organisations have made efforts, but as individuals we can contribute a lot more. We can reduce and recycle our wastes. It is said that a few drops of water form an ocean. Similarly a bit of everyone’s effort will contribute towards the protection of environment.

An Environment Club was established in our school with the motto — “We persevere to preserve”. It has been contributing in its own special ways towards the promotion of our school environment. It has completed its five years of service and will continue its good work.

On this Environment Day, let us all resolve to do something for the promotion and preservation of our environment.

We must work collectively so that in future we need not say that earth was a planet, but are able to say Earth is a beautiful planet. Let us all vow to conserve our environment.