Pink’s music saves teenage rape victim

LONDON: Punk-Pop singer Pink’s music has given a 13-year-old rape victim a reason to live. Pink aka Alecia Moore, who has herself been through a rough patch in life, also felt motivated to make music, after a 13-year-old girl wrote a letter to her telling that she has survived years of serious sexual abuse by listening to the American star’s music.

“I remember being in Paris, talking about my childhood, my parents divorcing and I started crying during an interview,” British tabloid The Sun quoted Pink as saying.

“I thought I was over music and I couldn’t take any more. But then, not long after, I got a letter from this 13-year-old girl saying her grandfather was raping her mother. It went on saying her mother had just died and now he was raping her. She said when she listened to my music, she knew she didn’t want to die. She wrote saying I should never stop making music because it helped her. I get chills even talking about it. I have 50 of the most insanely

awful letters that remind me that this job isn’t

about me. It is crazy. Some people might say the new songs are heartache b******* but somebody out there is going to get through their pain a little easier and that makes me feel better,” she added.