Smiling face

A smiling face

A word of cheer

Can stop the falling

Of a tear

A helping hand

A word indeed

A wish to please

Give joy and peace.

— Anurag Gangol,

Class VII, GEMS School, Lalitpur

My cat

You sit on my mat

You play with my bat

I love you my cat

You are so good a cat.

You come back to me

Your bring sack for me

Thank you so much

Oh, my cat.

— Ashutosh Adhikari, Class IV, VS Niketan, Kathmandu


Goodness what a rain

I hope it won’t come again

It was full of wind

Which was trying to pull my ear.

It carried me up

And away I go

Close and close I meet the sky

Far and far I was very high.

I saw the floods

With the people crying for help

That is why I hate the rains

I don’t want it to come again.

— Shikha Bhattarai, Class VI, Budhanilakantha School, Kathmandu


Bees are small

They are not huge

But their work

Confuse us.

They are very

Hard working

They build a house

Called the hive

Man should learn

Something from the bees.

— Liza Paudel, Class IV, Saurdeep Boarding School, Kathmandu

I want to be

I want to be a scientist

To discover new things

I want to be a reader

To be intelligent

I want to be richer

To help the poor

I want to be a teacher

To teach good lessons.

— Dipesh Adhikari,

Class V, Shree Kamana Boarding High

School, Kathmandu

My Garden

My garden is full of flowers

It is a symbol of nature

Where different creatures can be seen

Many people become happy and cheerful

To see my garden

There are green trees, herbs and shrubs

There are beautiful butterflies

It is not less than heaven

It is in the lap of my home

And taken care by me.

— Suraj Khadka, Class VI, Babylon National School, Kathmandu

My Mother

Things look easy

As lovely as a daisy.

My mother is always near

To care for me.

She shines on me like the sun

And fills my days with

lots of fun.

I love my mother like no other

She is the one with whom my life has begun.

— Prabin Adhikari, Class IV, GEMS School, Lalitpur

Spring’s guest

Here comes the spring

With its flowers on a string

It gives one fragrance

But little does it consume

When through the curtains,

I peep

I see some buds fast asleep

My garden’s wonderful guest

The spring, the

season’s best

My garden will have roses

Jasmines as big as saucers

Forget- me- not and poppies

Buttercups spreading everywhere

And here come the birds

They chirp and hop

Singing musical notes

Spring is in my garden.

— Neha Banu, Class VI,

Suryodaya Secondary School, Kathmandu