A bride’s tears

When a bride’s eyes are wet with tears

She remembers

Her love and attachment with parents

Her childhood days with playmates.

Her affection for all her neighbours

The sadness pours

The care of her family and their devotion

Overwhelms her with emotion.

But she realises her dreams near

She has to depart

And from being a dutiful daughter

Turn into a responsible mother.

There is a long way to go say others

Yes, she replies, and wipes her tears.

— Shreya Jha , Class IX, The Imperial


Being good

Don’t be bad, be good always

Never lie in your neighbourhood

Don’t talk nonstop in class

Otherwise you will be punished.

Be good, don’t be bad

Bad persons make you sad

Read and write in the morning

Play with your friends, but don’t fight.

— Anuska Gautam, Class V, Rosebud School


Life may be difficult

With problems big and small

But I believe in myself

And I know I can win

I know where to go

I know what to do

I see my destiny

Clean and clear

I believe in myself

I know I will win.

— Geyata Shrestha, Class VIII, GEMS

My land

Nepal is our lovely country

Which has democracy

No one will ever be able to

Break our unity.

It is the land of peace

Where Lord Buddha was born

And preached his

Religion of peace.

It has the beautiful

Mount Everest and mountainous belt

Known as the

Land of natural wealth.

Developed Nepal is a dream of

All Nepali people

We believe the dream

Will soon come true.

— Prithul Koirala, Class VIII, Kendriya Vidyalaya


I am very thankful to you

That you are a part of my world

You are really cool

You gave me the strength

To overcome any hurdle

You swaddle me with your love and care

You help me build my confidence

Whenever I have halting voice

You help me with your own

Your love for me is mellow

I don’t have any words to thank you

But I am really thankful to you that

You are a part of my world

Thank you Mum!

— Shahira Singh,

Mahendra Bhawan Higher Secondary School