For friends

Friendship is a feeling

inside the heart

If it is true no power can tear it apart

Friendship means affection and love

So this relation is always pure.

Friendship grows day

by day

True friends are with

us always

Friendship which is true never ends

Neither it can be broken

or bent.

True friends are difficult

to find

They are always helpful

and kind

This relation is like a cool blue sky

So it always stays high.

— Amrit Raj Shrestha, Class X, Glen Buds School

My father

Oh! Father

My dearest father

My heart beats for you

My eyes cry for you.

You are my Lord

You are my God

Sometimes you are as soft as mud

And at times as harsh

as a sword.

Your love is as sweet

as honey

And is as valuable as money

However, money cannot buy you

My love is only for you.

May roses grow in your way

If you are on a faraway highway

Let my ears always hear your voice

What more can I say.

— Bivek Dhakal, Class XII, Classic College