My room

My sweet little room near the nursery

Has a sweet little bed to sleep in.

There is a sweet little study table for me to study

There is a bag full of my books too.

My sweet little room near the nursery

It has a big piano for me

to play on.

There is a cupboard

for clothes

The clothes are there

for me to wear.

Yes, this is the sweetest

little room

Anyone ever wanted.

— Natasha Todi, Class IV, Alok Vidyashram

Angry words

When you lose temper

You look like a vampire

Who wants to suck

my blood

I find you very odd.

You throw words

Like bullets in battle.

They hurt my heart

And create a wound.

The warnings, the threats

You give me are dire

But, I am not a beast

Who adds fuel to fire.

You shout and scold

But, I am very bold

I know you are not who

you are

So, I give you a smile

Instead of running a mile.

— Jyotsna Shrestha, Baba Boarding High School

Cat and mouse

Run, run, run says the rat

Because there is a cat

Otherwise you will

be eaten

So just run, run, run.

This is really fun says

the cat

My dream has truly come

You have come anyhow

I have caught one of

you now.

Don’t let him steal our fun

Just run, run, run says

the rat.

— Karan Singhania, Class IV, DAV Shushil Kedia

That single rose

The only seed planted

last fall

Rises up from the

winter snow

A beautiful red rose

with thorns

Her beauty for only one

to behold.

She blooms among

the weeds

That seeks to choke

The soil out from under

her deep roots

But the sun will not

allow this

It comes after the rains

To dry up the tired

green leaves.

He leaves her glowing

In the glory of a beautiful day

Holding her bloom to the

sky above

Where forever she will rise

Brighter than the sun.

— Aashma Thapa, Modern Indian School