Everlasting friendship

Whenever I am in deep trouble

Whenever I need help

I turn back and see

The crowd getting thinner.

But there is someone

Who stand against all

the odds

Holding my hand

Calming my fears and cheering me up.

Covering me with the


Whenever I shiver

She is the one

Who’s always there for me.

So, showing that I care

I want you to know

That I owe a lot to you

my friend

Our friendship shall

never end.

— Archana Kharel, Class VIII, St. Mary’s High School

Rainy days

The worst day for all of us is a rainy day

Maybe it cleans the dust

But how can the children

go out and even play?

Maybe it looks good

But children suffer

from cold and cough

Maybe it makes the

environment clean

But makes us suffer

from diseases as well

Maybe it makes us

feel good

But it brings some

bad germs too

So we all call a rainy day

The worst day for

children who want

to play.

— Karan Singhania, Class IV, DAV School

My Nation, my pride

Do you want to know

my nation?

Winning the world is

my passion.

Nepal is my country

Serving it is my duty.

Having the head as the high mountains

That teach us to have

pure feelings.

Rhododendron smiles

to enhance the beauty

“Brave Gorkhas” has

remained our identity.

It is the place of Buddha

Nepal is the only sacred place, know it.

Our fluttering flag has been always fair

Seeing the lophophorus dance, bet you will stare!

Within a small territory, having unity in diversity

Independence with spirituality is our speciality.

Indeed, we have the

territory small

Words are less to say how Nepal is special.

Whatever others be in spite

I say, my nation, my pride.

— Usha Sapkota, Class IX, VS Niketan Higher

Secondary School

Beautiful world

Oh! Look at our wonderful world

The flowers are blooming everywhere

And the leaves are fluttering here and there

The sun rays spread here.

People, don’t fight

and quarrel

Spread the feeling of love among all

Let us save this wonderful world

For the generation to come.

— Brinda Bhattacharya, Class III, Triyog high School