Atop Mt Everest :

On the highest peak of the world

I felt like the tallest man

Seeing the white beauty of the earth

I was extremely glad.

Nearby I saw the ivory desert

Further ahead the flowing glaciers

In the cold and trembling


The milky white mountains cheers.

Mountains shining in the sunlight

Covering its body with chalky cream

Like in a dreamland

I couldn’t say if it was for real

or just a dream.

Talking and playing in

the creamy snow

Enjoying the sight of the

glaciers that flow

I realised that in our black world

The earth also has a white world.

— Samir Ali, Societal HS School

Fake, fake love:

Love is just infatuation

That brings tears to the eyes

Love is an attraction

That snatches people’s smiles.

Love is for experience

Many people fall in it

Love is for romance

And one’s beauty is lost.

Love is selfish

It drags people down

Most people lose everything

It is just nothing but a fake feeling.

— Kumar Gurung, Class VIII, Golden Peak High School

The apple tree:

I have a big apple tree,

Which gives me apples for free.

The tree is very big

and it doesn’t need a hut.

It continuously provides food,

by changing not its mood.

It looks as tall as the sky,

I wish I could fly.

Birds tell us bye,

If the tree dies,

So let us protect the trees.

— Sampada Basnet, Class VI, Shuvatara Boarding School

Happiness again:

A happiness is returning

Like a ship

Making its way home after a voyage

Such a storm has never passed through my heart

As the one that now subsides

The light grows steadily

The glimmer of hope now shines

The tears are gone

A smile once again graces my lips

Funny how a person can cheer someone

up so fully

A smile from a friend

A hug or just a touch

They all bring back this happiness

This joy of such magnitude

Has not graced my heart

Since I was a mere child

A happiness is returning.

— Sujeena Shakya, Himalayan White House Int’l College


Right or wrong

Prevails in the world

My son, lie and cheat

Is not what a father tells his son.

Even if cheating is illegal

It’s never completely stopped

However, by cheating

Our development is hampered.

We may grow up, become someone

A pilot or just another clerk

But if a pilot doesn’t know

what a radar is

We’ll know he’s one just by luck.

The more we cheat, the less

we know

So, what’s the use in it?

We’ll ruin the life of many

Just by letting them cheat.

— Saugat Chapagain, Class IX, Young Hearts Boarding School

Sunshine :

Life is yours

Life is mine

Full of tears

Far from sunshine

The choice was yours

Broken heart is mine

Left me in darkness

Moving towards


Luck is yours

The wish is mine

Always smile

Like sunshine.

— Anil Karki, Class XI, NIS, Patan